Google Home Is Now Compatible With 5,000 Devices

In the race between Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Google has traditionally been flailing a little behind.

But in a recent blog post from the tech behemoth, Google announced that their virtual assistant software is now compatible with a whopping 5,000 smart home devices.

That’s up from a mere 1,500 devices in January this year. Someone’s been a busy beaver…

The scope of devices that Google Assistant can now connect to is huge, ranging from thermostats, Nest security cameras, Logitech Harmony hubs, smart lighting, and many more.

Smart security devices are also lining up to be paired with Google home, with such products as the August Smart Lock and Schlage Smart Lock all due to be adding this particular functionality to their software systems any more now.

But one of Google Assistant’s most anticipated moves comes in regards to smart TVs.

JBL, the leader in smart entertainment for the living room, have paired with Google in creating the JBL Link Bar.

This bar plugs into your TV set using a HDMI cable, where it will offer up both Android TV and Google Assistant. Buying the JBL Sound Bar allows you to instantly upgrade your current television into the latest smart home entertainment without having to buy a new set.

The Sound Bar will essentially function as its own Google Home device, as well as revolutionizing your TV watching experience.

These updates from Google are the latest indication that the company is finally getting serious about competing with Amazon Alexa in the smart home market.

Finally, consumers will be able to choose a valid alternative to Amazon’s Fire TV and really be able to integrate their homes with the Android TV experience.

These announcements from Google come ahead of I/O — the annual conference it holds for developers — which is starting this Tuesday at 10am with CEO Sundar Pichai’s keynote address.

As well as showing off the latest developments with the Google Home software, the conference is likely to focus on a brand new version of Android P — the newest Android technology designed to seriously compete against Apple’s iPhone — as well as the company’s latest forays into AI.


Featured image is of Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, by Maurizio Pesce (CC BY 2.0 licence)


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