August Smart Lock Review

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SHJ Verdict

The August Smart Lock is a solid option for those looking to make their lives easier with smart technology.

It’s ease of use makes it simple for anyone to install and use and gives you more freedom in controlling your foot traffic.

Just make sure your bluetooth and home is compatible before buying.

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Smart locks are part of the new range in smart home design; a lock that doesn’t necessarily require a key to open.

If you plan on competing with the known and trusted deadbolt on the door, you need to make sure your smart lock is easier to use, while still being at least as trustworthy.

August accepted this challenge and presented their August Smart Lock, a device that connects to your phone and opens your door when you ask it to.

august smart lock review

While ideal if you’re the type that often forgets their keys at home, you might still be a little hesitant about making the switch.

After all, what do you really know about this lock, or the people who made it?

After this review, you’ll know pretty much everything there is to know.

August Smart Lock: The Details


  • Product Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Product Type: Smart Lock
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa? Though not compatible with Amazon Alexa, it is compatible with Apple Homekit, August App, and Android and IOS Devices.
  • Return Policy: Not satisfied? You have up to 30 days to return the lock if it doesn’t perform as desired.
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Registered People: Unlimited.

How Does it Work

Smart locks are mainly used as a replacement for the original deadbolt that’s been the standard for decades.

Their most attractive point is in how they replace an old-time favorite method for ensuring family and friends can get inside your home: the spare key under the doormat.

We all know it’s not smart to have an extra key lying around – sometimes literally – but until now, there really wasn’t an alternative. Unless you wanted to shell out cash making several copies, a little risk was expected.

The August Smart Lock is the odd one out in the family of smart locks. For starters, the Smart Lock doesn’t force you to replace your deadbolt lock. Rather, it connects to it, operating it when commanded.

august smart lock home kit enabled

This feature is particularly attractive to renters who are not allowed to perform drastic changes in their rented homes.

Because it only asks for a Philips Screwdriver and four AA batteries when you install it, it really is one of the easiest locks to set up.

Even if you’re not a handy Harry, there are several videos on the company site walking you through the process.After that, it’s a simple matter of having the lock sync up with your phone through the August app.

If you sign up for the August Smart Keypad service, you can also generate entry codes for visiting friends or the neighbor who feeds the cat while you’re on vacation.

Signing up for the August Connect feature lets you unlock your door no matter where you are, as well as notify you when somebody enters your home.

At its most basic setting, you need to be within a ten to fifteen feet radius to unlock your door.

The lock also lets you know whether or not the door is actually closed; a perfect feature for anyone who has spent a day at work, wondering if they actually shut the door behind them.

And of course, you can still use your keys as per usual – but now you can still get inside even after forgetting them.

August: The Brand

August has one big feat, and that’s their Smart Locks.

Though they have developed a few accessories to their locks, it’s very clear where they keep their focus. That is home security that’s not only certain, but also convenient and reassuring.

Their website even features a page where their own employees detail how they get the most out of their Smart Locks, which is an excellent way of showing how much faith they have in their product.

After all, selling something to others while using it yourself proves you’re confident in your creation.

Their focus on their product is admirable, and even today, they continue to see how it might function better with more detailed information and features.

August Smart Lock Review

The Positives

No Home Remodeling

Most smart locks require you to completely remove the deadbolt from your door; only to then find out you need to develop new keys, or the lock just doesn’t match your door at all.

Thanks to their unique system, August only requires you to attach their smart lock to your deadbolt.

This completely eliminates the need for complicated DIY, terrifying style clashes, or angry homeowners who find out you destroyed their original deadbolt.

Here’s a video showing an installation of the August Smart Lock.


Smart locks are, objectively speaking, on the pricey side.

It’s a new technology and not that many people are into it. This sort of circumstance tends to jack up the price.

But subjectively speaking, few smart locks offer the features of the August Smart Lock for the same price.

If you’re dedicated to upgrading your ‘dumb’ home into a modern intelligent one, then August is worth considering.

Various Optional Extras

There’s no need to upgrade at all, since your lock functions perfectly at its most basic level.

At the same time, you have the option to do more with your lock than just keep it in its original condition.

Decide how far you want to go and know that you can only improve on the safety of your home.


Automatic Locking

Say you’re rushing through the door to catch an Uber to the airport with a pile of luggage in your hands. You can save the frazzling balancing act of finding your keys and locking the door with the August Lock.

The August Lock is automatic once in tune with your phone, and it will automatically lock when you’re away, and automatically unlock when you’re approaching.

While it won’t necessarily open the door for you, it will save you the annoying task of fumbling around for your keys or phone when leaving or returning to your home.

august smart lock review

Be Your Own Keymaker

Instead of heading down to the locksmith every time you need to give someone access to your home, the August Smart Lock allows you to make extra keys instantly.

You can create and send virtual keys to your family, friends, babysitter or housekeeper saving you time, effort, and money.

You’re able to grant entry for a day, a week, or months and when you want to revoke access it’s just as easy.

This is super helpful if you have guests coming into town while you’re at work or when you need someone to water the plants or feed the dog while you’re away.


We’re always relieved when a product comes with a warranty – especially when it comes to tech and smart devices.

August has included a 1-year limited warranty so you’re not left out in the cold.

If during your year of using your August Smart Lock you notice any manufacturing errors or defects, simply contact August and they will repair or replace your smart lock at no additional cost.

They will alternatively offer a refund for the original purchase in exchange for the lock.

As a bonus, you will also have 30 days to trial your August Smart Lock and if you’re not satisfied you can return it for a refund within this time period.

Open Door Alert

After arriving home, maybe you swung the door but it didn’t quite click shut.

Rather than waking up the next morning to find it wide open, the app will remind you easily.

As a bonus, no need to be frightened when your spouse comes home early and sneaks up on you; the app also updates you on when the door has been accessed by users other than yourself.

It also features an activity log so you can check who came and went at specific times throughout the day.

No teens are sneaking out at night with this thing on the job!

august smart lock review

The Negatives

Too Many Extras?

Some people may find themselves pressured to invest in the various extras available.

Although both August Connect and the August Smart Keypad offer interesting, new, and convenient features, there is no pressure on you to actually invest in these.

Needs Bluetooth

A decent Bluetooth is necessary when you want to use the remote unlock features.

If you know the Bluetooth at your home is wonky at the best of times, this might be one asset you wish to skip.

Laggy bluetooth can cause your lock to delay sensing your approach, but usually still functions on 5 to 10 second delay. If you’re in a rush, this could be annoying.

That being said, manual mode always pulls through.

Check Your Deadbolt

Though the August Smart Lock homekit is compatible with the vast majority of deadbolts on the market, there are a few exceptions.

In order to play on the safe side, be sure to check what these exceptions are.

best smart lock

Overall Verdict

Of course a smart lock is most suitable to those of us who are into new tech and like being futuristic. Since you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you’re in this group.

But who can really benefit from purchasing the August Smart Lock?

If you’re renting a home or apartment and aren’t allowed to change things around the house, the original design of the August Smart Lock is a perfect match for you.

In the same way, those who aren’t a DIY superstar will find the easy installation process a veritable joy to work with.

And if you’re used to having a lot of foot traffic – owners of a Bed and Breakfast for example – this type of lock saves you the bother of having a multitude of extra keys made.

As the best smart lock on the market, it’s certainly worth your time.

Where to Buy the August Smart Lock

Smart technology is really making a blast into homes all over the world. The smart lock isn’t a relatively new idea and locks like the August Smart Lock can be found at a variety of retailers.

The August Smart Lock has grown in popularity against other brands, making it a readily stocked product both in-store and online.

To start, check out the following online retailers.

And as expected, it’s also available for purchase on Amazon.

august lock

That wraps up our review on the August Smart Lock. Have we tempted you to give it a try?

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