Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell Review

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The Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell is a great addition to the homeowner looking for more smart technology convenience.

By integrating this device with Alexa, Zmodo has made it all the easier to keep your home secure with little effort.

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When you’re not home to answer the door, wouldn’t it be great if you could still see or talk to the person ringing the bell? Well now, with the Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell, you can.

The Zmodo allows you to get alerts sent to your phone when someone rings your doorbell or is within the vicinity, it provides a clear view with 1080p HD quality video, and it’s even easy to set up.

zmodo video doorbell review

Unfortunately, not everyone speaks of a great experience with this video doorbell. Some users had issues with connectivity, alerts not coming to their phones, and bad customer service.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell.

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 1.3 x 3 inches.
  • Product Weight: 12 ounces.
  • Product Type: Video doorbell.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa:

How Does It Work?

Zmodo Greet Pro Video Doorbell was designed to see who is around your house when you’re not there. Furthermore, you can record a message to play should someone ring the bell.

Everything is connected to the Zmodo app that you download on your smartphone.

If someone rings your doorbell, you will receive an alert on your smartphone. From there, you can choose to answer the call, ignore it, or play a message you pre-recorded.

If you happen to miss a call, the doorbell will automatically play your message for the visitor and then you can watch the missed call at any time.

Additionally, you can set up alerts for when someone enters the viewing radius of the doorbell. If you want to know who is approaching your door – within a proximity of 16 feet or less – the Zmodo and its app allows you to do this.

You also get a 30-day free cloud service that allows you to save, share, review, and customize the footage the doorbell takes. Beyond the 30 days, you have to pay a fee.

Zmodo Greet Pro review

Zmodo: The Brand

Founded in 2009, Zmodo started off and continued to design high-quality video products, as well as, according to their website, providing “excellent customer service.”

The company has expanded to the global market, having sold almost 8 million products. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen and Jiangsu, their research facilities in Shenzhen, logistics and customer support in Champaign, Illinois, and a lab is placed in Fremont, California.

Their mission statement is to make their customers’ lives better by “providing affordable and innovative connected products for a seamlessly connected home and office experience.”

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell Review

The Positives

Clear View

Users really enjoyed the clarity that Zmodo’s camera provides. They could easily see the area of coverage during the day and even at night since the night vision feature is quite powerful.

You get a full 180-degree view from your porch, with a range of up to 16 feet in distance, and all in 1080p HD quality.

So, when you receive an alert from your phone that either somebody has rung the doorbell or is within the area pre-determined as an action zone, you will have a crystal clear feed of who is present. Then you can decide how you want to respond.


The best part about the Zmodo Greet Pro Video Doorbell? You can see who is around your house without having to be there.

video doorbell

There is no worry of someone coming up to your door unwanted, or even missing an important visitor when you’re not present.

You can possibly scare away a miscreant attempting to steal a package from your porch, or greet your kids remotely when they come home from school each day. This makes it easy to stay informed and enjoy peace of mind – all at once!

If you can’t answer the door at a certain moment, the doorbell will play a pre-recorded message, and you can later watch the video when you have the time.

Easy to Set Up

And don’t worry about the set-up process; it is relatively easy. You will need a little skill to connect the doorbell to your current wiring.

If you don’t feel up to this, you can either seek help from friends or call an electrician. After that, it’s really a breeze.

Once it’s connected, you can download the Zmodo app to your smartphone. It will provide instructions to follow and help you through connecting your Wi-Fi, naming your device, setting up alerts, and creating your account with the cloud service.

After this, you’re all set to record a greeting and see who comes to your door.

Easy to Use

Once it’s set up, the Zmodo Greet Pro Video Doorbell is effortless to use; you control it entirely through the app.

If you want to view the live stream of your front porch or look at an already recorded event, you need only tap the doorbell tab in the app. You can also pan the area with the camera from this tab.

It will display a gear icon that lets you set up alerts and adjust the volume or motion detection areas. This is also the place where you can record voice messages.

The Events button allows you to view missed calls, motion detections, or doorbell rings. It gives you a video thumbnail of each event and time stamps them as well.

Finally, you can connect the Zmodo to your Amazon Echo and use Alexa to control it, should you prefer.

Good in Most Weather

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell

There’s no worry of the weather affecting this doorbell. It was designed to stand up to just about any conditions. Be it snow, rain, sleet, or wind, it will keep working no matter what.

Users living in colder climates say the doorbell continues to respond during freezing temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about your device’s performance come the winter months.

If you have a hurricane or a tornado, however, we can’t make any promises.

Alexa Compatible

Zmodo has designed this smart video doorbell to be as convenient as possible. So much so that they’ve integrated Amazon Alexa into their design.

You won’t even have to lift a finger to see what’s going on at your front door; you can simply ask Alexa to show you the camera feed and you’ll be in the know.

Users noted that it was easy to connect this device to their smart home and the communication between smart devices was smooth.

Great Design

Users love how stylishly designed the Zmodo Video Doorbell is. It isn’t clunky or jarring and looks great alongside a variety of door styles while adding a bit of modern flair.

It’s well constructed and users found it to be far from flimsy or cheaply made. It’s clear that this video doorbell is built to withstand the elements and the test of time.

Warranty Policy

Whenever you purchase a new device, you don’t want to be left in the dark should things not work as planned. Zmodo has put a three-year warranty on their smart video doorbell to ease worries.

This warranty means that the company will be responsible for any repair or replacements that you should need if your device doesn’t work as advertised.

These warranties are only valid for damages caused by the manufacturer, but not damages caused by the user or caused by wear and tear.

You’ll also have a 60-day return period so you have some time to test out your doorbell to see if it works with your home. If things don’t go as planned, simply contact Zmodo for a refund.

Zmodo also offers unlimited lifetime technical support, so should you have any issues at all while owing this device, Zmodo promises to be there to answer all your questions and guide you through.

video doorbell

The Negatives

Bad Customer Service

Sadly, a few users had bad experiences with Zmodo’s customer service. Responses to emails may take several days to a week, should you get a response at all.

While this does seem to be a good product, the poor customer service is definitely a flaw. If customers are not getting the service they need, when they need it, it’s wise to look elsewhere.

Connectivity Issues

Multiple users stated that connectivity could be iffy depending on the day. While sometimes the Zmodo doorbell worked great, there were moments when the doorbell wouldn’t connect to the app or wouldn’t connect to their Wi-Fi at all.

Since the best features of this product require Wi-Fi and the app, this is definitely an issue to consider.

Iffy Notifications

Some users reported inconsistent alerts. This is definitely worrisome. Who knows what users missed or what they could have stopped if they had been alerted by the app?

When you’re paying over $100 for a doorbell, especially one that claims to do all these amazing things, it should work all of the time – not just most of the time.

Here’s a video showing what the Zmodo Greet Pro looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we are recommending the Zmodo Greet Pro Video Doorbell. It can do some amazing things.

Whether or not you answer the door, it can be beneficial to see who approaches your home throughout the day and if anything suspicious is happening.

Since connectivity and inconsistent notifications (not to mention the customer service problem) have been an issue, it definitely gives us pause.

If these issues are a concern for you, it may be wise to wait a little longer on this product until Zmodo gets all the kinks worked out.

Where to Buy the Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell

Zmodo are experts in designing innovative security devices for a variety of users and homes. With the integration of smart technology, they’re able to stay ahead of the market.

Customers have raved about their devices for being both quality made and affordable. Thanks to this company’s popularity and success, you can find items like the Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check technology, home department, or specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this smart doorbell on Amazon.

Zmodo Greet Pro Smart Video Doorbell

That’s the end of our Zmodo Greet Pro review. Curious to give this video doorbell a try?

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  1. Contrary to as reported, Greet Pro will work on a dual band router, but it will NOT work on the 5Ghz band as told to me by Zmodo after beating my head on the wall for days. As far as cloud service, motion detection notices generally take 2-4 hours, so if you are looking for real-time motion detection, you won’t find it here. Doorbell button push is better, notice of button push will usually show up within 5-10 minutes. Picture quality and coverage are great!

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