ZeTime: First Smartwatch with Hands Over Touchscreen

Smartwatches are now a common accessory for the modern person. They are an excellent way to keep track of the time, your notifications, emails, notes, and contacts, all on a small area that barely takes up room on your wrist.

Most smartwatches, however, are still relatively new devices that are very practical, but very clunky-looking and unattractive.

zetime smart watch

If you miss the classic, elegant design of old-fashioned wristwatches, but still want the functionality of a smartwatch, ZeTime has you covered.

What Is the ZeTime Smartwatch?

ZeTime is the world’s first smartwatch with mechanical hands over a round touchscreen.

Not completely mechanical, but not completely digital either, this watch allows you to utilize the watch hands in the normal way without having your use of the touch screen disrupted.

When a message pops up on the screen, the hands, which are controlled by the watch’s CP, move to a horizontal position, allowing you to view the screen without any obstructions. This technology is called Smart Movement, and it is a patented creation by the makers of the watch.

MyKronoz, the company that made the watch, prides itself in their innovation, which revolves around multi-layer technology combining a TFT color display, mechanical hands, a touch panel and ultra-resistant Gorilla glass. With a 240×240 display, you can see the colors on the screen with crisp detail.

zetime smart watch

One of the best things about the watch is the battery life. After only one charge, the mechanical hands can last up to 30 days, and with the screen, three days.

It comes in two sizes: regular, which is 44mm, and petite, which is 39mm. It also comes in silver, black, titanium, pink gold, and yellow gold.

It comes with three different bands: leather, silicone, and metal.

ZeTime Smart Watch Features

A Great Workout Partner

A useful tool for people who like to exercise, the ZeTime smart watch has many features that will help you keep track of your body as you move around in your daily life.

It can monitor your heart rate, calories, distances traveled, and it has a pedometer. It can also keep track of your sleep cycles. You can set these reading of your cardiac frequency to either manual or automatic.

Never Miss a Thing

You can keep track of your notifications from different apps, such as Snapchat, Uber, Facebook, Whatsapp, and more.

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Organize Your Day

With custom reminders, calendar events, reminders, and a live weather forecast, you have your own personal assistant right on your wrist.

Go for a Swim

The ZeTime Smartwatch is water resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about finding a safe place for it when you go to the beach or the pool.

Sync Up with Your Phone

The ZeTime’s app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

It is there on the app that you can view a record of what the watch monitors, set your notification preferences, view your daily activities, and customize the watch.

Dual Time Zones

You can view your local time, as well as the time and weather for another country on the same watch.

If you travel a lot, no need to worry about manually setting up the watch with the proper time zone, as the ZeTime does it automatically.

This happens with Smart Movement, the same technology that syncs the watch’s time with your phone the second you set it up in the app.

Here’s a video showing how it all works.

The Company

MyKronoz is a Swiss company located in Geneva that focuses on bringing quality and fashion to the smartwatch market for an affordable price.

ZeTime is the only hybrid smartwatch they have so far, but due to the overwhelming success their Kickstarter campaign got for the watch (it became Europe’s most funded project), they will probably develop more in the future.

Aside from smartwatches, they also sell activity trackers.

How can I get my own ZeTime Smartwatch?

Those that backed the project on Kickstarter and saw the successful campaign to an end in April 2017 got their 44mm watches shipped to them in September, and those that wanted the 39mm should have received them in December.

If you weren’t a part of the Kickstarter campaign, you can still get the watch by pre-ordering it on Indiegogo, or get it on Amazon.

You can also wait for it to be sold for consumers and get it on the MyKronoz website. Although, if you live in America, it’s recommended you get it through Amazon or Indiegogo, as MyKronoz is a European company and will charge you in Euros.

ZeTime Smart Watch Conclusion

Usually, when older things disappear in favor of more modern stuff, it takes a while for them to make a comeback, such as flip phones and 80s aesthetics.

However, the fact that the classic design of the ZeTime smart watch was met with so much enthusiasm just goes to show that, even amongst all the high-tech devices, traditional designs can be just as sleek as the newer models.

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