Write & Erase Robot, Smell-Based Alarm Clock + The Smart Belt

Every week, we pick out some cool new projects we’ve spotted on Kickstarter.

Here’s what we think has got legs this week…

Smart Belt 2.0

smart belt kickstarter

The Smart Belt was the most funded fashion accessory Kickstarter in history, and Harmattan Design are hoping that they can hit it out of the park again with this upgraded prototype.

Unlike most normal 5-hole belts, the Smart Belt boasts 500% more adjustability over double the range. There are a whopping 32 adjustments on this belt, spaced 0.2″ apart, allowing you to adjust your belt throughout the day.

It’s not only the measurement side that makes this belt smart, however — it’s also the construction. Thanks to a remarkable Kevlar core, this belt has serious durability, and has been shown in laboratory tests to be 5 times stronger even than a reinforced belt. The Italian leather coating is also scratch resistant, meaning absolutely no wear and tear.

One of the upgrades of the 2.0 version is the sheer amount of options available — 30 in total, over color, buckle, model and finish.

It’s manufacturing as we speak and aims to start the shipping process in August 2018.

Scribit – Write & Erase Robot

For all you creatives out there, Scribit looks like a game changer.

scribit kickstarter

This ‘write and erase’ robot — the first of its kind — was created by an MIT professor and can draw images and text on any available surface.

Sounds complex, but it surprisingly isn’t — at least not from a user perspective. You design or download the image or text you want in the app and then Scribit puts it on the wall for you. What’s more, Scribit can draw, erase and redraw images indefinitely.

Set-up can be done in five minutes and needs nothing more than two nails, a plug, and an internet connection.

So, who would want this? There are clear opportunities for businesses — restaurants can have their ever-changing specials meal republished every day, executives can use it for effect in the boardroom — but it’s also a cool tool for home use.

If you’re into art, why not have Scribit draw a Da Vinci on the wall for you? It’ll be done in minutes.

Sensorwake Trio: Smell Based Alarm Clock

Sensorwake have been making waves with their smell-based alarm clock for the past few years, and the Sensorwake Trio is kicking up a storm on Kickstarter right now.

This alarm clock has pioneered the 3-minute wake up: the first stage sees it release a unique, naturally derived scent to get you in the morning mood, the second minute adjusts the light and the final minute wakes you up fully with a melody.

sensorwake trio

Now there are 9 different scents available to use with the Sensorwake Trio:

  1. Cappucino
  2. Seaside
  3. Peppermint
  4. Pine Forest
  5. Orange Juice
  6. Cookie
  7. Tropical Fruits
  8. Grass Meadow
  9. Chocolate Factory

This unique alarm clock has already won many plaudits and was even named one of Google’s top 15 inventions to change the world.


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