World’s Most Advanced Raincoat, Food Smarterware + Smart Natural Air Purifier

Every week, we pick out some cool new projects we’ve spotted on Kickstarter.

Here’s what we think has got legs this week…

Ovie Smarterware

ovie smarterware review

Touted as ‘the world’s first smart food storage system’, Ovie is the technology you need in your kitchen if your committed to reducing food waste.

And you should be — food wastage costs the average American family around $2,000 every year — just imagine what you could do with that cash!

All you need to do is to ‘tag’ your food with your voice, via Amazon Alexa or the Ovie app, when you add it into the fridge. The food can be stored in Ovie containers, in a bag using the Ovie clip, or simply in its packaging (for which you need the Smarterware Universal Connector). The SmartTag fits snugly into these ports and will turn one of three colors to alert you as to the food’s longevity:

  • Green — freshly tagged. Your food will stay this way for half the time of the food’s expected duration.
  • Yellow — make it a priority. The SmartTag turns yellow when it’s been half the time that you’re tracking the food.
  • Red — toss it. It’s up to you what you want to do with the food at this point, but it’s likely past its best.

And the good thing is, the Ovie app will estimate a food’s longevity according to its huge database of information, so you don’t need to do anything beyond tag the food — the app will do the rest for you.

It will also provide recipe suggestions including your foods that are tagged yellow, and will show you exactly what’s in your fridge, arranged by longevity, wherever you are — so you don’t need to double up on something you already have if you’re in the grocery store.

NATEDE: Smart Natural Air Purifier

smart air purifier

When you see NATEDE, you’ll probably think that it’s just a run of the mill indoor plant.

Well, it is — but it’s so much more than that.

This natural air purifier also connects to an app, as well as your other smart home devices, to let you know the exact statistics of various elements and pollutants in your home environment, including humidity, temperatures, VOCs, PM2.5, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide (the latter for premium users only).

Using the app, you can adjust the fan speed of NATEDE to modify how fast it removes those pollutants from the indoor air.

The air purification itself is highly sophisticated too.

Thanks to the NASA Clean Air Study, it’s now widely known that various indoor plants are able to purify the air we breathe. But while normally potted plants do this adequately, NATEDE has been designed to fully optimize these benefits for a super charged effect.

Amplifying the phytoremediation process with a fan in the base of the pot, air purification takes place throughout the whole plant, including the roots, as opposed to just the leaves in a normal plant pot. This is taken further with a photocatalytic filter, which never has to be replaced.

ĀPA-Intemporal Raincoat

apa intemporal raincoat

Our final find of the week is something a little ‘out there’ — the world’s most advanced raincoat.

More like elite performance sportswear, the ĀPA is infinitely adaptable in all weather types, as well as being pretty damn stylish.

Here’s the features its boasting:

  • NanoShepre waterproofing
  • C-Change thermo adaptive breathable membrance
  • Noso Seam Taping for extreme protection from wind and water
  • Climate Shelling Lining to keep you dry
  • Self cleaning fabric
  • Stain repellant
  • Fast drying
  • 5 practical pockets
  • Inside earphone buckle
  • Adaptive design
  • Lightweight
  • 100% made in Europe

There are 12 different styles available for men and women. Each jacket also has adjustable waists and wrists, and a removable hood, so you can style it how you wish.


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