Vinci 2.0: The World’s First Standalone Smart Wireless Headphones

When you are always on the go, you need your technology to keep up with your lifestyle.

Vinci 2.0 is an evolution of the headphones you would normally carry along separately with your phone, making them more convenient, more portable, and ridiculously multifaceted.

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You can leave your phone behind when you use the Vinci 2.0 Standalone Smart Wireless Headphones, because these do more than enhance your musical-listening adventure.

These headphones create a personalized listening experience for you that is guaranteed to improve your workouts, interconnectivity, and productivity.

What are Vinci 2.0 Headphones?

Vinci 2.0 headphones are designed for the active person. The set-up consists of a pair of ear buds connected to a uniquely shaped, pentagon collar.

The headphones are voice activated, meaning that in the middle of your workout or on your way to the office, you can request specific playlists or music to match your pace, in order to motivate you for the day to come.

Vinci 2.0 headphones are phone-free as well; the entire control panel is contained in its pentagon collar, so you won’t be fishing out your delicate (and expensive) touch screen during a run or while driving.

Vinci 2.0 Features

Powered by Amazon Alexa

We have come into the future, as evidenced by the prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in most, if not all, of today’s cutting-edge technology.

Vinci 2.0 headphones make use of pre-existing AI by connecting with Amazon Alexa in order to allow you to communicate your desires with your headphones.

Vinci 2.0

Amazon Alexa and Vinci 2.0 support more than twenty languages for use, so there will be no barriers in the ways in which you request songs, weather updates or conduct calls.

Unparalleled Voice Recognition

Thanks to Amazon Alexa, Vinci 2.0 headphones are entirely voice activated.

The microphone included on the collar is praised for its clear voice recognition, as the microphone does not just listen for your requests; it senses your voice through bone conduction.

No matter where you are – in a crowded subway terminal or in the privacy of your home – you will be able to communicate with your Vinci 2.0 easily at a normal speaking voice.

Body and Music Connection

Where the Vinci 2.0 really outdoes the competition though, is its monitoring of your heart rate and health.

This may not initially seem unique, but upon sensing a rise in your heart rate, these headphones can offer to automatically start cycling through your workout playlist or can choose a song from your library or Spotify that perfectly matches your rate of movement.

This intelligent recommendation of music is their crowning achievement, and it makes your interaction with the set of headphones all the more individualized.

Gesture Control

In place of a phone, you will be able to make music selections on your own thanks to the Vinci 2.0’s impressive gesture control.

A wave of your hand can change the track you are listening to, can answer a phone call, or can swipe through the various health tracking settings that Vinci 2.0 provides.vinci 2.0

Focus on Your Music

Vinci 2.0 also allows you to completely immerse yourself in the music.

These headphones include eight noise cancellation modes for you to choose from, so you can easily keep your workouts to yourself, or share your attention with other people.

The headphones also have a stereo option that produces sound in three dimensions, meaning that you and everyone nearby can enjoy all-encompassing and individualized music with as little as a verbal command.

Get Involved With Vinci 2.0

When you back the Vinci 2.0 headphones on Kickstarter, you are setting yourself up for success, because all backers get access to this next-gen product. Though the time at which those headphones are received depends on which level you want to place yourself at as a contributor.

The Vinci 2.0 headphones are already in production and aim to be available for delivery to backers between January and April of 2018, depending on backers’ Kickstarter donations.

If you pledge more than $89, then you’ll be able to access a pair of Vinci 2.0 lite headphones by March 2018 at a steeply discounted rate.

Vinci 2.0

If you pledge more than $149, you will have access to a pair of Vinci 2.0 Pro headphones by April 2018.

There are other alternative versions of the Vinci 2.0 available to contributors; it is up to you to decide which headphones would suit you and your busy lifestyle best.

Vinci 2.0 is an evolution of headphones as you know them. These offer you an individualized musical listening experience that does more than allow you to listen to your own customized playlists.

These headphones are in tune with your body and can provide you with the musical motivation you need in order to get through the day, as well as the freedom to stay on the go while also staying connected to the digital world.

Would you give Vinci 2.0 a try?

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