Upstage 360: First 360° Smart Speaker

Improving your music-listening experience can be something of a trial. Even if your speakers are phenomenal, any general moving around in a room may make it difficult to obtain the best quality of sound.

This is why company Level Ten has invested in producing a speaker that offers listeners improved musical quality, regardless of their positioning within a room, courtesy of the Upstage 360 Smart Speaker.

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This smart speaker offers high-quality audio from a portable set-up, ensuring that whether in the home, at the tailgate, or anywhere, listeners will be able to enjoy music as it is meant to be heard.

Level Ten: New Names in Audio

Level Ten are self-proclaimed audio-enthusiasts who are new to the sound technology stage and ready to offer a fresh take on the best delivery system for your favorite songs.

Having connected with the existing audio professionals, Sound Matters, the Level Ten company is looking to bring their new ideas to a broader audience with Upstage 360.

Upstage 360: A New Kind of Smart Speaker

The Upstage 360, as Level Ten’s proud creation, looks to evolve the audio “sweet zone” found in your home by offering travelling, high-quality audio from their cylindrical speaker.

This smart speaker is set to bring “ultimate audio quality” to you with the help of its three-way audio integration system, consisting of a tweeter, midrange, and woofer along with 4x passive radiator.

This three-way integration of drivers creates a phenomenal expanse of frequency range, allowing those who purchase the Upstage 360 to experience high-resolution sound quality.

The Upstage 360 prides itself on its uniform sound waves, which Level Ten claims will fill the whole of a room with the music of your choice.


Music is accessible to you on any of the Upstage 360’s compatible technologies, including Amazon Alexa, Wireless Streaming, Aux-in, Chromecast, and others.

Upstage 360 Features

Ultra-Wide Frequency

Not only is the Upstage 360 physically designed to ensure that you receive the best range of music wherever you are in your home, but it shares your music at a range of 40khz.

This high-resolution sound quality and intense ultra-wide frequency allow the Upstage 360 to evolve past its fellow stereo systems.


The Upstage 360’s cylindrical shape allows for its high-quality sound to reach you wherever you are in relation to the speaker.

Any music of your choice will come to you without interference no matter where you’re placed within the speaker’s range, improving both your and your friends’ listening experience exponentially.


The cylindrical shape also ensures that the Upstage 360 Smart Speaker is portable; you can move this speaker from room to room without any hassle.

This means that the Upstage 360’s excellent music quality is not confined to one room.

Take it with you into the bathroom for an improved shower-karaoke session or to any outside event to become the star of a bonfire or other social party.

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Built-In Ambient Sound

If you are looking to immerse yourself in sound in a more casual setting, you can make use of the Upstage 360’s built-in ambient sound producer.

This collection of gentler sounds includes tracks designed for meditation, morning pick-me-ups, time spent studying or working, and afternoon yoga sessions.

Let the sound of a gentle rainstorm or cheerful birds come at you from all angles as you go throughout your day thanks to this thoughtful inclusion.

Upstage 360 Release Date and Benefits

As Level Ten’s star product, the company is looking to produce Upstage 360 Smart Speaker on a large scale, making it accessible to the whole of its music-loving audience.

April 2018 will see the start of the Upstage 360’s pilot production run, and Level Ten predicts that come June 2018, they will be able to begin shipping their product.

September 2018 marks the final, international release date for the Upstage 360 Smart Speaker.

There are benefits to backing the Upstage 360 on Kickstarter, some of which come with a limited run, but others which will be available for as long as the Kickstarter is available.

For example:

  • Backers over $329 get an Early Bird I special, wherein they save $170 off of the Upstage 360 and get to have the smart speaker delivered in July 2018. This special has a limited run!
  • Backers over $369 also receive a $130 discount, but this benefit’s run is not limited.
  • Backers over $618 get a dual pack of Upstage 360 Smart Speakers, saving $380 over retail price.
  • Backers over $897 get a trio pack of Upstage 360 Smart Speakers, saving $600 in comparison to retail price

The Upstage 360 Smart Speaker is designed to make your music-listening experience the best it can be.

Take advantage of this smart speaker’s portability and tremendous delivery of quality sound in order to listen to all of your favorite music at the level the original creators meant you to.

Are you willing to give the UPstage 360 a try?

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