The Yale Assure Smart Lock Now ‘Works With Xfinity’

Yale, creators of the Assure Smart Lock, this week announced a new compatibility with Comcast’s Xfinity Home, which will allow users to control and monitor their smart lock remotely using the Xfinity Home app.

The latest acquisition in Comcast’s ‘Works With Xfinity’ program, the Yale Assure is available in both keyed and keyless versions. It will require the Zigbee Network Module (available for $50) in order to work with Xfinity Home.

Forbes describe the Xfinity as a ‘smart voice-driven TV experience’ that acts as a hub to control and manage its compatible smart home devices. Being TV centric, it’s hoped that Xfinity will appeal to your average American more than other, tech-forward, hub solutions like Amazon Echo and Google Home currently do.

But that doesn’t mean that users are limited to controlling their integrated devices solely through their TVs — the Xfinity Home app for smartphone or online will allow you to control these items from anywhere.

This will allow users to manage notifications for when the door is unlocked — you can customize them to inform you every time the door is unlocked throughout the day or just within a selected time period — and allow them to remotely lock their doors.

Plus, you can vocally ask the TV via the Xfinity X1 TV remote to lock the door on command as well.

Given the visual aspect of the Xfinity Home, it’s worth noting that some of the potential of this partnership between Comcast and Yale rests in its ability to play security camera footage on the TV.

In fact, many observers have dubbed the Xfinity Home as first and foremost a security system within itself. That’s partly due to the fact that included in your purchase are three window and door sensors, a motion sensors and wireless keypad, alongside the touchscreen hub of the Xfinity as it is.

Indoor and outdoor cameras can be added to the system as well, and there’s no limit to the number of additional window, door and motion sensors you can buy.


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