The Amazon Echo Look Is Finally Available For Everyone To Buy

After an initial invitation-only period, the Amazon Echo Look is now available to buy for everyone based in the US.

One of the more niche products in the smart home market, the Echo Look is designed with fashionistas in mind.

It’s a hands free camera and style assistant that allows you to take full length photos and videos, create ‘lookbooks’ and collections according to what’s in your wardrobe, make suggestions about new clothing purchases that go with the existing items in your wardrobe and even help you choose between two outfits.

It’s this latter feature — known as Style Check — that’s got everyone excited. You don’t have to work in fashion to spend ages agonizing over what to wear every morning.

Style Check works by analysing two photos of two different outfits and, using machine learning, providing an opinion of what looks better. The feature analyses fit, color, styling and even current trends to provide a valuable second opinion on what you’re wearing.

You can see Style Check in action for a week on Business Insider.

The camera itself is completely hands free, and is powered instead by your voice commands — something that will already be familiar to Amazon Alexa users.

amazon echo look

Photos are full length and videos are 6-seconds long, to allow you to truly document your look.

There’s an Echo Look app that will allow you to save and organize these photos into Lookbooks and Collections — ideal if you have a huge wardrobe or are working in the fashion industry and need to be making the most of the clothes available to you. You can also share these images with friends, colleagues and the next door neighbor’s cat.

Since it’s invitation only launch, the Echo Look has had its capabilities expanded to now be able to provide you with suggests on new clothes to buy, which the Style Assistant believes will fit well with the clothes you already own and that are documented in the app.

Inevitably, all the clothes recommended will be just a click away to purchase, being as they are all available to buy on Amazon.

Really pushing the fashion focus of this product, Vogue and GQ will also be curating specialist content for the app and your perusal.

While we haven’t had a chance to play with our Amazon Echo Look yet, it’s fair to say that this is a niche product that’s only likely to appeal to a certain section of the population — the fashion conscious. Regardless, it’s fascinating to see machine learning being used to provide subjective opinions on what we wear, while the functionality of the Echo Look app is sure to be a godsend to anyone with a disorganized wardrobe.


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