Spire Stone Stress Management Review

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Spire Stone Stress Managment and Activity Tracker Rated
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SHJ Verdict

The Spire Stone Stress Managment and Activity Tracker is a helpful, efficient, doctor approved device perfect for anyone trying to easily manage their life.

It helps to reduce anxiety and stress while managing your overall wellbeing by delivering alerts, and reports throughout wear.

There are just a few cons to consider before buying but the pros definitely outweigh them.

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Are you interested in learning more about what makes you calm or tense? Do you have anxiety, and are you looking for ways to better understand your condition as well as to better care for yourself?

Do you wish there existed a device that could track not only the steps you make but also the breaths you take? Wish no more, because that device exists! Look to the Spire Stone.

spire stone review

The Spire Stone is a tool for stress management – an unobtrusive little breathing tracker that clips onto your bra or belt and syncs with an app on your smartphone.

This device not only alerts you to changes in your breathing and stress levels, but also provides activities and exercises that you can use to mitigate your anxiety!

Still wondering whether the Spire Stone is the best activity tracker for you and your stress management? Here we lay out the details, both positive and negative so that you can make the best decision for yourself!

Spire Stone Stress Managment and Activity Tracker: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.6 x 1.2 inches.
  • Product Weight: 8 ounces.
  • Product Type: Fitness tracker, breath monitor.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa? The Spire Stone is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 8.3 and above, and with Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.

How Does it Work

The Spire Stone is a stress management tool that focuses on your breathing. It’s a tiny device made of rubber, weighing in at just under an ounce and measuring at less than two inches in length.

The Spire Stone easily and comfortably clips onto your belt or bra. From either of those locations on your clothing, Spire can sense your breathing, and make note of patterns or irregularities.

Spire uses a patented, innovative respiration sensor, providing measurements of your breathing patterns all day long.

It connects to a companion app on your phone, and Spire detects when your breathing has become tense, erratic, or has any other sudden change in your breathing patterns,

It sends a notification through your phone with options of actions you can take to help you relax. These options include visual exercises and guided meditations.

These notifications can help you learn where and when you tend to be more tense or calm, helping you to assess potential causes of your anxiety.

You can also view your “breath wave” through the companion app, a representation of your real-time breathing pattern, indicating a state of calm with a smooth, rolling wave.

Spire Stone can also keep track of more traditional fitness measurements, like steps taken and calories burned.

spire stone stress management and activity tracker

Features available on the app include mindfulness notifications; calm, focus, and tension tracking; breath rate and patterns; steps and calories; and breathing exercises and meditations.

Spire’s included lithium polymer battery lasts up to ten days on a single charge, or around 120 hours on average of continual use.

This product comes with a wireless charge pad, allowing you to simply place the Spire on the pad so that it will juice up, without having to fiddle with charging cords.

Best of all, Spire is washer resistant – so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on your clothing and throwing it into the laundry; it will still work!

Spire: The Brand

Spire the company includes a small, diverse team of leaders in engineering, marketing, and healthcare, invested in providing easier ways for the average person to improve their health.

This team arose after seven years of research in Stanford University’s Calming Technologies Lab, developing products that give individuals the ability to assess and control their own mental and physical health.

Spire prides itself on making vital information not only available but also accessible to all users, and the company works with partners across a wide range of mental and physical health conditions to further expand their utility and accuracy, focusing on issues such as sleep, asthma, COPD, and respiratory depression.

Spire aspires to high values like serving humanity, searching for the truth, and creating a real, quality impact on the world.

Spire Stone Stress Managment and Activity Tracker Review

The Positives

Recommended By Doctors

Thousands of health professionals worldwide recommend that their patients use Spire, and provide their testimony on Spire’s website.

Even before we get into the device’s best features, it is nice to know that doctors and psychologists think approvingly of it and recommend it to their patients with anxiety!


Helps You Understand Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult and often misunderstood condition, seemingly attacking out of nowhere.

Spire helps its users to understand what may be triggering their anxiety, by alerting the users to changes in their breathing patterns before they might even have realized an anxiety attack was oncoming.

This not only allows users to take action to avoid the current bout of anxiety, but also helps in keeping an eye out for similar situations in the future that could trigger the anxiety.

The Spire Stone has gone under seven years of research at Stanford University to become an accurate, helpful device, and the company has already seen some payoff.

spire stone review

Not only have professionals backed it, but after a LinkedIn employee study, Spire found a 37% increase in daily calmness and a 27% decrease in anxious days amongst Spire users.

Not Only Alerts But Also Eases

The Spire companion app presents users with options for activities to ease anxiety and reduce tension. These activities include guided meditations and relaxation exercises.

It can also sometimes remind you to just take a deep breath if you haven’t done so for a while!

It’s a plus for a device like this to not only alert you to a problem’s existence but also to provide potential solutions for that problem.

Other Health Benefits

Not only does the Spire Tracker keep up with your anxiety triggers, but it also helps in other areas of health and fitness as well.

With the Spire Stone, you can easily track your steps, distance, and calorie intake so you can learn more about your overall wellbeing, make changes, and track them all from one device.

If you’re prone to slacking off on your exercise routine, Spire can help by allowing you to schedule reminders so you never miss a workout. Spire knows that exercise is important for your mind too!

Unobtrusive in Size

The tininess of this device is incredibly convenient, especially for users who don’t want to wear a bulky, obvious fitness tracker.

This activity tracker is small and discreet, and easily clips onto a bra or belt with a sturdy grip.

This is great for those who aren’t really a fan of jewelry and wish to keep their arms bare instead of a bulky wristband or watch.

It’s not heavy, so it won’t weigh you down whether you’re out all day, or just stepping out for a run.  The back of the device itself is super soft, so when pressed against your skin, it won’t be irritating.

Won’t Break In the Washer

No one wants to spend money on a device to only have it be damaged by negligence. No worries here though!

Spire is a washer-proof device, so even though it is tiny and clips onto your clothing, you really don’t have to worry about breaking it by accidentally throwing it in the wash.

spire stone review

Spire’s manufacturers know it’s a mistake that everyone makes so they’ve made their Spire Stone sturdy and built to last.

Customer Service

It’s clear this innovative company cares about your wellbeing. Spire has received rave reviews about their customer service so you know they won’t leave you hanging.

Spire’s customer service department is known for being helpful, efficient, and effective, guiding customers through setup, questions and concerns.

The Spire Stone comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re on the fence, you’ll have time to decide if this really works for you.

Should it not be up your alley after all, simply contact Spire and they’ll accept a return with no hassle.

Not only that, but the Spire Stone hardware will also be under a 1-year warranty after purchase. This is in place to protect customers against any defects in manufacturing.

If it’s acting wonky, don’t be afraid to contact Spire.

best activity tracker

The Negatives

Requires Very Precise Placement

Some users of Spire report that the tiny device requires very precise placement on your body in order to get accurate readings.

This can be worked around with patience, but for people looking for quicker results, this feature might prove frustrating.

Drains Phone Battery Excessively

In order to collect data from the Spire, the app must be kept open on your smartphone. This causes the phone battery to drain more quickly than usual.

Some users also report that the Spire Stone and its app need to re-sync every six hours or so, or it stops collecting data, which can prove inconvenient.

Can Deliver False Alarms

In some cases, users have found that the Spire sends alerts about changes in their breathing patterns to their phone – while they are not actually wearing the Spire.

On the other hand, some users noted that it in some cases where they should’ve been alerted, the Spire Stone stayed quiet.

This may just be a technical glitch in certain devices or issues with placement on the body, but false and missed alarms like that could undermine a user’s confidence in the device.

Here’s a video showing what the Spire Stone looks like out of the box with the app downloaded.

Overall Verdict

We would recommend the Spire Stone Stress Management and Activity Tracker to anyone looking for a simple device that could help them better understand their anxiety as well as methods to ease stress.

Though some users have found that it delivers false alarms, the activities and exercises available in the companion app are nonetheless useful.

It could be a fantastic starting point for those looking to take charge of their mental health.

Where to Buy the Spire Stone Stress Managment and Activity Tracker

The Spire Stone is an innovative product and while it’s been turning heads in the tech world, it may take some time before being featured in your usual department shops.

You may not be able to find the Spire Stone Stress Management and Activity Tracker in-store but you may have some luck look looking online.

To start your search, check out the following online retailers.

But of course, you can also find the Spire Stone on Amazon.

Spire Stone Stress Management and Activity Tracker

That’s it for our Spire Stone review. Curious to give it a try?

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