SonarPen: World’s Most Affordable iPad Smart Pen

The image of the “starving artist” is more than just a stereotype; the equipment necessary to support an artistic hobby, let alone a career in freelancing can get expensive.

The cost of equipment can make it difficult for modern creators to stay at the top of their game while also ensuring that they have enough money to live on.

Luckily, the company known as Greenbulb is looking to ensure that these kinds of creators can have access to financially manageable artistic products designed to make their creative lives easier.

worlds most affordable smartpen

The SonarPen, currently available for backing on Kickstarter, is an iPad-patented smartpen designed to respond to its users’ desires.

It’s marketed at an affordable price and is challenging the current market for smartpens with its easy to use features, app compatibility, and the availability for which Greenbulb prides itself on.

About Greenbulb

Greenbulb came to life in 2004 with the goal of creating products that support creative lifestyles with affordable, smart solutions designed to aid artists.

Greenbulb founder, Elton Leung, bases the company out of Hong Kong and aims to challenge the art market with products like SonarPen.

These products are designed to make the creative life of many working artists more economically sustainable.

Introducing the SonarPen

The SonarPen is among one of the products Greenbulb has produced in order to suit the needs of its creative audience.

This pen is designed for content creation and the sharing of art; it is ideal for lettering, digital painting, urban sketching, note taking, or everyday doodling.

This is a less expensive smartpen designed to be intuitive to its users’ needs.

The SonarPen, upon production, will be compatible with all iPads sold after 2010, and artists will be able to use it without the need for Bluetooth or additional batteries.

This pen comes along with a multicolored, tangle-free cable that can be attached to the products artists are using. Users will also enjoy only having to replace the pen’s plastic tip.

Each pen additionally comes with a magnetic holder to prevent its loss whenever it is in a bag or carrying case.


Having spent two years in development, Greenbulb and the SonarPen are now looking to move into mass production of the product so it can be accessible to their large audience of artists.

SonarPen Features

Pressure Sensing

Artists will be able to alter the coloring, width, and opacity of their strokes with the SonarPen’s excellent pressure sensing.

Luckily, though, the SonarPen has been designed to reject the pressure of a palm, ensuring that a user’s project will not be ruined by general shifting or a re-positioning in the midst of a session.

iPad Compatible

As we’ve mentioned, the SonarPen will be compatible will all iPads released after 2010, making it ideal for artists working for pleasure or profit.

App Support

The SonarPen has already been approved and configured for use with apps including Zen Brush 2, Zoom Notes, and Good Notes beta.

Greenbulb is currently in discussion with several other app operators in order to ensure that users will be able to make use of the SonarPen with a variety of additional applications.

Stage of Development

Greenbulb has had the SonarPen in development for two years; at the moment, they are looking to move their prototype into mass production with the help of Kickstarter backers.

Greenbulb intends to use its Kickstarter to cover the SonarPen’s initial production costs.

This is all part of Greenbulb’s overall goal of making the SolarPen and their other products more financially accessible to their artistically inclined audience.


SonarPen Release Date and Benefits

There are a number of benefits that come from backing Greenbulb and the SonarPen on Kickstarter.

The prototypes are set to be released to significant backers in March 2018, whereas other backers and general audiences will have access in June 2018.

Some of the other rewards for backers include:

  • An early bird discount on one set of SonarPens for backers of $15 or more.
  • The same discount applied to two sets of SonarPens for backers of $34 or more.
  • Three sets of SonarPens with a discount and limited free shipping for backers of $59 or more.
  • Six sets of SonarPens for backers of $114 or more.
  • Ten sets of SonarPens with free worldwide shipping for backers of $184 or more.
  • 100 sets of SonarPens meant for resale and a customized SonarPen logo for backers of $2,449 or more.

Likewise, those backers who support Greenbulb and the SonarPen at a level of $299 or more will be among the few individuals who receive a prototype as soon as Greenbulb’s Kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

The SonarPen is meant to challenge the current market for artistically-oriented smartpens.

This pen, with its economic accessibility and numerous easy to use features, will make it simpler for modern artistic individuals to make use of the technological advances around them.

Greenbulb and the SonarPen recognize that artists deserve financial stability, and the SensorPen’s accessibility makes sure that the “starving artist” needs to be starving no more.

What do you think? Would you use the SonarPen?

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