Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat – The Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade

The Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat is set to bring a new level of cleanliness to your bathroom in ways you would not expect.

This attachable seat and bidet made by Bio Bidet will allow you to forgo toilet paper in favor of a more eco-friendly and healthy alternative: water.

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The Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat is set to make your life all the better as the newest addition to Bio Bidet’s line of environmentally-oriented bathroom accessories.

Who Are Bio Bidet?

Bio Bidet are based out of Illinois and find their home near beautiful Crystal Lake. Bio Bidet delivers bidets – toilet devices most commonly found across Europe and Asia, notably in Japan – to the average American home.

Their motto, “water does it better,” expresses their belief that when you are exposed to something unclean or unpleasant, you should be able to rid yourself of it not with paper, but rather with a set-up that will keep you cleaner and healthier.

Further, Bio Bidet argues that bidets are not just for people who can afford luxury bathrooms; cleanliness, they argue, should be available to everyone.

Bio Bidet has been operating for ten years, and the company decided to share the news of the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat in December 2017.

What is the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat?

The Slim TWO Smart Toilet seat is luxury-made, affordable, and a tool to promote better health in the modern American home.

This toilet seat can be attached to your pre-installed toilet in order to provide you access to a bidet, along with a dozen other features designed to make your bathroom experience all the more enjoyable – while eliminating the need for toilet paper.

This toilet seat is styled after bathroom accessories that already exist internationally; Bio Bidet wants to share the success bidets have found elsewhere with Americans while also bringing attention to the eco-friendly potential of your bathroom.


The Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat can be placed over your toilet, and it comes with its own lid.

You get to have a hands-on experience with your Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat from the get-go. The seat is meant to be all about customization and doing-things-yourself. Bio Bidet provides an owner’s manual and an installation guide for you to reference when you first receive your seat.

Bio Bidet also provides excellent customer service and has representatives available to answer any questions you may have about your Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat, from installation to customization.

That customization is perhaps the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat’s greatest perk; once you plug the seat in, you can use the included remote to set up all features included in the toilet.

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This remote is easy to understand and operate, as it introduces you to all of the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat’s tricks, including its smart seat sensor, heated bidet stream, heated seat, night light, power saving mode, and self-clean.

You can control the water pressure of your bidet as well as its temperature, ensuring that your bathroom experience will be as pleasant as possible.

The Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat also includes a feminine wash, ensuring that its user can remain as clean as possible in all situations.

Other features of the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat include:

  • Soft Closing Lid
  • Posterior Wash
  • Turbo Wash
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Nozzle Positioning
  • Quick Release
  • Wide Clean
  • Posterior Massage
  • Easy Clean
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle

Benefits of Supporting the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat

In order to overcome initial production costs, you can contribute to Bio Bidet’s campaign to bring the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat into the modern American home.

Contributing over $29 to the campaign allows you access to Bio Bidet’s already existing line of products; the company delivers an attachable toilet bidet to your home along with an adorable poop emoji stress ball.

More generous contributions enable you to pre-order the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat in quantities of one or two, while Bio Bidet will also send you several of its already-existing products as thanks.

Development and Release

As of January 19th, production on the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat is ahead of schedule, meaning that backers should begin to have access to their toilet seats as soon as February 2018.

Supporting Bio Bidet and the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat enables you to engage with a ten-year tradition of excellence and environmental care, all while creating a more enjoyable experience for yourself in the bathroom.

bio bidet slim two smart toilet seat

Bio Bidet prides themselves on the improvement of hygiene country-wide, and this product makes it possible to enjoy the benefits without installing an entirely new throne in your bathroom, bringing the luxury of a bidet into the average home.

Packed with features, it’s set to take your home by storm. Live a healthier, cleaner life with the Slim TWO Smart Toilet Seat and discover just how much better water actually is.

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