Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum Review

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Shark ION Robot 750 Rated
  • Ease of Use
  • Smart Capabilities
  • Value for Money
  • Cleaning Power
  • Good on Pet Hair?
  • Battery Life
  • Maneuver Technology

SHJ Verdict

The Shark ION Robot 750 is a powerful device that makes cleaning a breeze.

Though users find some issues with connectivity, this vacuum is easy to use, great on pet hair and has a long battery life which will more than satisfy.

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Robot vacuums have become one of the hot new trends in making your home life easier, and over the past few years, the selection has expanded.

While the Roomba is the most recognizable brand, it’s no longer the only choice on the market, and may not even be the best robot vacuum out there. Shark ION Robot 750 is certainly giving it a run for its money.

shark ion review

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, wirelessly connecting with your phone to give you more control, this small and sleek vacuum has the potential to be the perfect addition to your home.

However, with some issues regarding connectivity and customer service, is this machine right for you? Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 6” x 12.6” x 2.6”.
  • Product Weight: 51 lbs.
  • Product Type: Smart Vacuum.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa? Yes, and Google Home as well.
  • Battery: Included, Lithium-ion battery.
  • Warranty: One-year limited.
  • Includes: Two side brushes, one filter, charging dock, bot boundary tape, and cleaning tool.

How Does it Work

Like with most robot vacuums, the ION 750 is a relatively autonomous machine to help you clean your house.

Once you unpack it, only a quick charge is necessary and it’s ready to clean your house.

But how does it know where to go and what to do?

Smart Sensor Navigation

The ION 750 comes equipped with smart proximity sensors to help it adapt to obstacles, as well as navigate from floors to carpets seamlessly.

The bot boundary tape included allows you to section off areas you don’t want it to go, such as near animal water bowls that may spill, or under desks full of cords it could get tangled in.

Don’t worry too much about it getting stuck anywhere—its low profile allows it to go under furniture, and if it does get stuck, it will alert you.

Detangling Technology

Perfect for pet owners, the brush roll captures short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens.

It will also untangle long hair, fiber, and strings by itself so that you don’t have to.

Wi-Fi Enabled

This little vacuum is definitely ready to be integrated into your smart home.

The Shark ION Robot app can be downloaded on iPhone or Android compatible devices, and it also works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to allow voice control over your vacuum.

From your phone, you can schedule or start cleaning, see runtime logs, and get alerts if your robot needs attention.

shark ion 750 vacuum review


The robot comes with a lithium-ion battery that lasts for an hour or more of cleaning at a time.

Even better, when the battery gets low, the robot will automatically return to the dock to recharge on its own, and then return to its cleaning schedule when it’s ready to go.

Low Profile 

The Shark ION is designed to be sleek and compact enough to scoot in under coffee tables, sofas, and beds.

This makes sure this vacuum isn’t just cleaning up what you can see, but spots that are usually hard to reach as well, making a room cleaner with a lot less work.


A one-year limited warranty is included with the purchase of the Shark ION.

Should you find any errors in manufacturing or craftsmanship that causes your robot to malfunction, you’ll have to contact the company who promises to repair or replace your robot once it’s deemed defective.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damages caused by misuse, so be sure to handle your vacuum with care.

best robot vacuum

Shark: The Brand

Shark has been a trusted name in vacuums for years now, and since their establishment in 1995, they have continued to grow.

In five of the last six years, they have been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in America.

Driven by their passion for creating new technologies to make your life easier, they foster new inventors and try to keep their customer’s needs at heart with each product they release.

You’ll find Shark on almost any big-box retailer’s shelves, and their offices now stretch not only across the U.S., but Canada, China, and the U.K. as well.

Shark ION Robot 750 Review

The Positives

Strong Battery

The lithium-ion battery really keeps this little robot going. Our testers found an average run time lasted between an hour to an hour and a half, depending on what type of flooring the Shark had to clean.

The strong battery allowed it to navigate even thick carpet, only rarely getting stuck.

One battery charge was enough to clean an entire 900 square foot apartment with varying floor types, or one 1,500 square foot room with hardwood and oriental rugs.

Even better, when your robot needs a charge, it not only finds its own dock but if you have a dock from past shark robots, it can find that one as well and use the docks interchangeably.

Perfect for Pets

The Shark 750 picks up very fine dust and dirt just as good as an upright vacuum, if not better. The best part for pet owners, though, is the brush roll, which picks up long or short pet hair with no problem.

shark ion review

Our testers had double-coated dogs like huskies, and this vacuum never quit on the hair, preventing the dreaded summer tumbleweeds that often plague dog owners.

It even tackled long cat hair and litter messes. This vacuum gives pet owners a much-needed sense of relief.

Fits to Your Needs

Flexibility is definitely a plus with this machine. Compared to bulkier robot vacuums on the market, its lower profile meant it did not get stuck as often, and didn’t often need to be rescued.

It navigated well around objects and slowed when it approached something so it didn’t scratch up baseboards.

The included bot boundary tape kept it from areas where you didn’t want it to go, and you can always buy more of the tape if you want to section off larger areas.

Quiet and sleek, it has a better price point than the Roomba, so the initial investment doesn’t feel as steep.

Set It and Forget It

The mobile app lets you schedule a cleaning schedule remotely, or you can set a daily cleaning schedule so it will run automatically at your time of choosing.

It will give you a runtime log through your phone, so you know if it’s been doing its job and how long it took to clean.

Should something go wrong, it will send you audio alerts along with a code for the problem, whether it is stuck on something or needs other attention.

Easy to Use

Those who aren’t too keen on technology don’t need to be intimidated by this smart vacuum. The Shark ION is super easy to use, just like a regular vacuum.

Once you have the vacuum connected to your WiFi, the app is also simple to navigate so you’re not left fumbling around.

The dustbin is easy to reach, so when it’s full, all you need to do is pop it out and empty it before the vacuum can continue doing its job.


Pets and those with sensitive ears can rejoice! The Shark ION vacuum operates quietly without taking away its cleaning power.

This way you can go about your day without being interrupted by aggressive noises from a vacuum.

Here’s a video showing the Shark ION Robot 750 in action.

The Negatives

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Definitely, the biggest downfall to this vacuum was set-up and connectivity. It took most of our testers at least three tries to get everything to connect and talk to each other.

Even then, if the robot disconnects from the Wi-Fi, which was a common issue, it will no longer clean until you manually go and start it up.

Many people had robots that would connect and disconnect at random, throwing off cleaning schedules.

Unfortunately, the Shark also does not tell you when it’s been disconnected, so many people didn’t realize their robot wasn’t functioning until they either checked the app to look at the run log or came home to find that nothing had happened.

If you’re concerned about the connectivity issues, there is a remote version of the bot instead of the Wi-Fi one, which would eliminate these common problems.

No Mapping Function

Unlike competitor’s robots, the Shark does not come with a mapping function and does not learn your floor plan.

Instead, it moves in random patterns across the space. While this worked fine for some of our testers, others were extremely frustrated.

Sometimes the robot would go over the same areas multiple times, while missing other spots completely, leaving behind dust and debris.

Some found the proximity sensors too sensitive as well, and the robot did not clean close enough to walls or table legs because of them.

Customer Service

For those who had to reach out to customer service with a problem, it was a frustrating experience.

There were a few that had units which simply did not function correctly, or gave an error code when there was no error.

shark ion robot 750 vacuum review

Calls to the help desk were ultimately unhelpful, with long wait times, multiple tiers of people to talk to, and still no good solutions in the end.

Shark did not offer replacements on machines but did offer to take in a robot and attempt to repair it for a fee.

Overall Verdict

This little robot is a pretty powerful package at a nice price point, but the Wi-Fi issues were troubling.

Still, if you’re looking for a vacuum to clean while you’re away, especially if you are a pet owner battling hair, this Shark can definitely make your life easier.

If you’re worried about connectivity issues, it may be worth looking into a remote version instead of the Wi-Fi-enabled.

All in all, the Shark Ion Robot 750 vacuum is a solid piece with a good battery runtime, powerful cleaning abilities, and a low profile.

Where to Buy the Shark Ion Robot 750

Since Shark has kept on top of the home appliance game, producing quality vacuums with a variety of functions, the brand popularity has only continued to grow over the years.

It’s not rare to find Shark products on the shelves of department and appliance shops making the Shark ION Robot 750 easily available both in-store and online.

To kickstart your search, check out the following online retailers.

But of course, this vacuum is also available on Amazon.

shark ion review

That’s a wrap on our Shark ION review. Are you tempted to give it a try?

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