Screen-Free Kids Toy, Smart Headphones + Home Robot

Every week, we pick out some cool new projects we’ve spotted on Kickstarter.

Here’s what we think has got legs this week…

Heari: Smart Headphones

smart headphones

Heari’s motto is that if you won’t wear glasses made for someone else, why would you wear mass-designed headphones?

These smart headphones tailor themselves to your unique hearing and audio preferences, meaning a purer and better listening experience — whether it’s music, calls or just general sound.

In order to create your personal hearing profile, you’ll need to take a 2-3 minute test on the Heari app, which has been designed to reveal your unique sensitivities. The headphones will then automatically adjust themselves to best fit your preferences.

The headphones themselves are of high quality too:

  • Wireless
  • Premium CSR8675 bluetooth DSP chip
  • 24-bit processing
  • 3 built-in microphones
  • Lightweight
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Foam tip tailored to different ear shapes
  • Choice between single or dual armature drivers

Vector: Most Advanced Home Robot

For all us sci fi nerds, living with a functional, feeling robot is equal to living the dream.

Enter Vector.

Described as the most advanced home robot ever made, Vector can see, hear, feel and naturally react to the world around him. His primary function — and what makes him happiest — is as a helper, answering your questions, taking photos, setting timers, and even playing Blackjack.

The creators hope to eventually endow him with the ability to act as a security camera, manage your smart home, deliver messages, read news and act as a calendar.

Vector has facial recognition, directional hearing, touch sensors and a powerful process. He could well be the robot that helps to forge relationships between humans and machines.

Storyball: Screen-Free Kids Toy

smart toy

If you’re looking for a game that will thoroughly engage your child without having them glued to a screen all day, you’ll want to check out Storyball.

Designed for kids between ages 4 and 10, Storyball is a smart toy that will take your kids on adventures and challenges, without them ever needing to sit in front of a screen.

You’ll feel like you’re inside a video game, but instead of tapping a controller to get to where you want to go, you’ll have to act it out in real life — whether you’re at home or outside, alone or with friends.

There are a number of different stories and famous characters available to play — all you need to do is apply the different ‘skins’ to the Storyball in order to activate them. The companion app will allow you to download new characters and infinite adventures as you please.

It promises to be easy and engaging to use, super durable, and will even help develop your kid’s motor abilities.



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