Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Rated
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SHJ Verdict

Ring has made their popular product even better with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

It’s easy to use, has great video quality, and a lifetime protection to keep you covered.

Those with an unreliable WiFi connection may have some issues using this device and should take a look at the cons before deciding.

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Are you interested in expanding the security of your home, but are baffled by overly complicated and expensive security camera systems?

Do you wish that there was a simple way to set up a video camera system just for your front yard? Perhaps you’d like it to be as simple as your doorbell?

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro might just be the answer to your problems.

ring pro review

It connects to the doorbell wiring that is already in your home, and is simply operated through the Ring app on your smartphone or other devices.

The Ring Pro allows users to view a live video feed or even to go back through the optional cloud storage system to review stored footage.

It also includes options to alert users through their mobile device whenever someone rings their doorbell or even whenever someone triggers the customizable motion detection area in their yard.

Though its motion detection feature has some bugs and it only operates well under a strong Wi-Fi system, most users are satisfied with the extra level of security it provides to their house, setting their mind at ease whether they are at home or on the go.

If you’re still wondering whether this product is the best video doorbell to fit your needs, take a look at the details below, both positive and negative, to help you decide.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 2 x 4.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 6 ounces
  • Product Type: Security Video System
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa? Yes, and operable through the Ring app on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop PC. App available for iOS, Android, Mac Desktop, and Windows 10.

How Does it Work?

This video doorbell all starts with the Ring app, available on iOS, Android, Mac Desktop, and Windows 10.

The app will walk users through the entire setup and installation process, with both text manual and video options, making it easy to get started using the Ring Pro no matter what your learning style is.

Several mounting tools are also included with this video doorbell to help you install the device, including a screwdriver, three anchors, a drill bit, three mounting screws, two security screws, two extra wires, and two wire connectors.

Simply attach the existing doorbell wiring on your house to the terminals in the back of the ultra slim Ring Video Doorbell Pro, and then pick the faceplate that best matches your home.

But don’t worry, you can change the faceplate to one of the other colors (including Satin Black, Venetian, Satin Nickel and Pearl White options) at any time if you change your mind! You also don’t need to worry about purchasing a battery for this device; its lithium ion battery is included.

Once installed to your house and registered to the Ring app, the video doorbell is easily operated via the app.

ring video doorbell pro

The camera sends customizable alerts to your smartphone, whether motion activated or doorbell activated, letting you know when to check the video feed even if you aren’t at home yourself.

The camera includes a two-way audio system allowing users to interact with visitors in real time, give a friendly greeting to the family members who surprised you with a visit, or sound a warning to would-be home intruders.

It is also possible to back up the video recordings to the cloud for safekeeping. Because of its infrared night vision feature, this camera delivers 1080p HD video quality at any time of day, whether the sky is cloudy or clear.

Ring: The Brand

If you’re a fan of the TV show Shark Tank, you might have heard of Ring already – though when they appeared on the show, they were called “DoorBot.”

Since then, Ring has rebranded and become a success without needing any help from the sharks.

While most home security systems before Ring focused on sounding alarms once a burglar had already entered the house, Ring takes security one step earlier and one step more seriously, creating products that reduce crime by confronting criminals before they can do any harm.

They take pride in innovation and finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems, pursuing their ultimate goal of creating a safer and more convenient world for all.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

The Positives

High-Quality Video and Clear Night Vision Keep You Safe at All Hours

The most important question about a camera is, “Does it take a good-quality video?” The answer for the Ring Pro is yes.

Between its 1080p HD video and Infrared Night Vision feature, this video doorbell provides a clear view of your front porch and the people on and around it at all times of the day.

video doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is designed to keep producing quality live video no matter if it’s super cold our crazy hot outside being able to operate between temperatures of 5 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rain, snow, sleet or shine, you can expect this doorbell to keep up.

Easy to Install and Use 

A very important thing to know, especially when dealing with tech and smart devices, is how easy it is to set up.  No one wants to be fumbling around for hours with a new device.

Well the Ring Doorbell Pro is no maze or puzzle as its pretty easy to install. As mentioned, it works with your current doorbell wiring so there’s no need to have your electrician on standby.

The guides and videos for installing the Ring doorbell is also easy to follow, and should you encounter any hiccups, Ring makes themselves available to guide you along the way.

Many people are surprised at just how smooth installation is, and chances are, you’ll be too!


Works Well With Existing Doorbell Wiring and Chime

Sometimes you want to add new technology to your home because of the benefits it will give you, but you don’t want to let go of what’s familiar, like the doorbell chime you have responded to for years.

While the Ring Pro provides an option to install its own chime or to add on additional Ring products that work with the Ring Pro Video Doorbell, it is also made to work with the existing doorbell wiring in your house, including the good old chime you’re used to!

The fact that it works with your pre-existing doorbell setup makes it all the easier to install.

Review Logged Footage to Catch Suspicious Characters

The video recording does not just begin when someone rings the doorbell, but when the motion detectors are triggered.

This means that even if you only have the app set to alert you when the doorbell rings, you can go back and check the footage that the camera began to collect as soon as the person approached your house.

With this feature, it will help you solve any strange mysteries that happen on your property and allows you the chance to give you video evidence to show law enforcement if need be!


While some smart devices stick out like a sore thumb, the Ring is designed to fit seamlessly with your home.

Not only are the doorbells available in a variety of finishes (making it easy to match your doorknob and accents), but the device is sleek and modern, and small enough that it won’t stand out as a bulky addition.

It’s smaller and thinner than the original Ring doorbell so it can fit right in with your decor.

ring pro review

Lifetime Protection and Warranty

Ring has your back so you don’t have to worry. Included with the purchase of your Ring Doorbell Pro is a 1-year limited warranty, as well as a lifetime protection plan.

The warranty covers you should you discover faults in manufacturing or craftsmanship that causes your doorbell to malfunction. In this scenario, Ring will replace or repair your device at no additional cost.

The purchase protection covers you should your doorbell be stolen throughout the time that you own it.

Say someone swipes your Ring Doorbell Pro three years down the line, the company will provide you with a new one! How sweet is that?

Here’s a video showing what the Ring Doorbell Pro looks like out of the box.

The Negatives

Recordings May Prove Costly Over Time

Ring includes an option to back up the video doorbell’s recordings to the cloud, but it charges $30 per year per device to utilize this function.

For users with more than one Ring security device, this could prove costly over time.

May Require Wi-Fi Extenders for Full Functionality

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro requires a Wi-Fi connection, and some users have found that their router is just too far away from the door for the camera to stream properly to their devices.

This problem can be fixed with the installation of a Wi-Fi extender, but this might not be a cost-effective option for all users.

Motion Detection Sometimes Shows a Black Screen

Though innovation is a good thing, occasionally the newness of this product shows in bugs.

In some cases, users of the Ring Pro video doorbell have found that motion detection alerts do not take them to a live feed from the cameras, but a long period of time in which the app shows nothing but a black screen.

ring pro review

Overall Verdict

We would recommend the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to anyone with a good home Wi-Fi system who wants a simple video security unit that will easily allow them to keep an eye on their home at all times.

However, poor Wi-Fi connectivity, video back-up costs, and the bugs that come with a new motion-activated product like this might prove frustrating and inconvenient to some users.

Where to Buy the Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring has proven to be a popular brand thanks to the awareness Shark Tank has brought the company.

And since they’ve kept on top of the game, producing innovative smart doorbells, products like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro won’t be hard to find both in-store and online. 

While you’re best bet is to check department and electronic stores, you can kickstart your search by checking out the following online retailers.

And of course, it can be easily purchased through Amazon.

ring pro review

That’s the end of our Ring Pro review. Tempted to give this doorbell a try?

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