Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated Security Cam Review

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Ring Floodlight Security Cam Rated
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SHJ Verdict

The Ring Floodlight Security Cam is an easy to use, convenient, and effective security feature to have in any home.

With a loud sounding alarm, bright lights, and intercom capabilities, the Ring Security Cam will be sure to keep intruders and suspicious activities at bay.

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Are you dissatisfied with your current home security system? Do you wish that there was a way to not only know what’s going on outside your home while you’re away, but how to take action?

The Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam provides a solution. With its trailblazing design that combines motion sensors, live video feed, floodlights, alarms, and an intercom system, the Ring Floodlight Cam covers any need to not only keep an eye on your property but to scare away burglars and welcome guests.

ring floodlight camera review

With the free to download Ring app, users can keep their home safe while on the go, though some users report problems with this system when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.

If you’re still not sure whether this is the best smart security camera for you, take a look at the details below and decide for yourself.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated Security Cam: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 3 pounds
  • Product Type: Security; motion-sensor floodlight camera
  • Material: Plastic with matte finish
  • Voltage: 100 volts
  • Bulb Type: LED; 3k lumen floodlights
  • Included Components: Floodlight camera, mounting hardware, installation guide
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa? Yes, and Echo Show; additionally, sends instant alerts to you through free Ring app
  • Color Options: Black or white 

How Does it Work

The Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam is an unprecedented device, combining a motion-activated HD security camera with floodlights, infrared night vision, a two-way talk system, and a siren alarm.

Through the Ring app, available on both Apple and Android devices, users can monitor their home from wherever they go, not only receiving instant alerts about strangers on their property but also having the ability to speak with those strangers or scare them off with floodlights and alarms.

Ring Floodlight’s camera contains the latest and most advanced motion sensors in the home security industry, allowing for accurate object and facial detection, and a 270-degree field-of-view that keeps anyone from hiding behind corners or in blind spots.

The sensors are also customizable to fit a user’s personal needs given their unique property, allowing anyone to focus on the most important parts of their yard and keep them safe in both day and night.


Not only does this security system provide a live feed that users can check in on at any time, but the additional Ring Video Recording feature allows users to save, review, and share the videos captured by this camera.

This feature has a free 30-day trial period and stores the videos on the cloud. This is great for capturing a video feed of strange wandering animals as well as stills of potential intruders, should it be needed for legal reasons later.

Ring: The Brand

If you’re a fan of the TV show Shark Tank, you might have heard of Ring already – though when they appeared on the show, they were called “DoorBot.” Since then, Ring has rebranded to become a success without needing any help from the sharks.

While most home security systems before Ring focused on sounding alarms once a burglar had already entered the house, Ring takes security one step earlier and one step more seriously, creating products that reduce crime by confronting criminals before they can do any harm.

They take pride in innovation and finding solutions to seemingly impossible problems, pursuing their ultimate goal of creating a safer and more convenient world for all.

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated Security Cam Review

The Positives

“Alexa, Stop Those Criminals!”

One of the biggest appeals of the Ring Floodlight Security Cam is undeniably its connectivity features.

When connected to an Amazon Echo and Firestick or Fire TV, users can simply ask Alexa to “show me the front door,” and the security camera feed will immediately show up on their TV.

For users at their desk or on the go, the security camera feed is conveniently accessible on a computer, tablet, or phone through the Ring app.

While some security cameras require you to go to a certain location to view their videos, Ring Floodlight goes where it is most convenient for you, day or night!

Long-Lasting LED Lights

Some floodlights need to be replaced frequently. That isn’t the case with the LED floodlights on the Ring Floodlight camera.

The life of this LED diode is over 10 years!

The camera itself also will never need a battery change, because rather than being battery-powered, it is hardwired into your junction box.

ring floodlight review

Keep in Touch with the World Through the Two-Way Intercom System

In addition to alerting you when someone approaches your house, the Ring Floodlight Cam allows you to get in touch with these people through the Ring app.

If they are here to do harm, the intercom allows you to scare them off by informing them that you are aware of their presence and can call the police.

On the other hand, if it’s a friend or family member, you can easily tell them that you are not home at the moment but appreciate them for stopping by!

Some users have used this system to keep an eye on and keep in touch with elderly relatives, or to tell visitors that they’ll be at the door to let them in within a few minutes.

The versatility of this intercom feature is definitely a plus.

Weather Resistant

We don’t have control over mother nature, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose control over your security camera.

The Ring Floodlight Security Cam is made to stand up against heat, cold, rain and snow so you and your loved ones can be protected throughout the seasons.

For an extra cautionary step, try setting up your camera in a spot that’s a little hidden away from the elements to promote longevity.

smart security camera

Loud and Clear  

With the Ring Floodlight Security Cam, you’re in full control. Should you notice an intruder or some suspicious activity, you have the ability to remotely sound an alarm to alert your family and the suspect.

This alarm is loud. So loud it can easily alert the neighbors if there isn’t anyone home to tackle the issue. The alarm is also quick since a delay can mean more seconds your intruder has to get in, or get away.

The two-way speaker is also loud and clear so you can get messages across without interruption or confusing muffles.

Infrared Night Vision

It would be ridiculous if this security camera wasn’t able to function at night. That’s when we tend to worry about intruders the most.

Thankfully, the Ring Floodlight Security Cam includes infrared night vision to protect you through dark evenings and nights.

Combined with this camera’s weather resistant capabilities, you can expect your security camera to perform 24/7.

Here’s a video show what the Ring Floodlight Security Cam looks like out of the box.

Customer Loyalty

Should you have any questions or concerns about your Ring Floodlight Security Cam, their customer service is there to help you tackle any concerns.

Customers have reported Ring’s service team to be courteous, quick, and friendly when dealing with concerns, taking the headache out of figuring out an issue.

They also take the time to follow up with any issues or negative experiences to make sure you’re getting the best out of their product.

The Negatives

Limited Ability to Alter Camera Angle

Though the Ring Floodlight camera has a wide angle of motion sensor field-of-view, there are limited options available to users who would like to change the angle or position of the camera to fit their property’s specific needs.

Some users have worked around this by purchasing multiple cameras, but this might not be an effective option for users on a budget.

Weak Wi-Fi Leads to Weak Connection

Some users have found that the Ring Floodlight alert system works poorly when the Wi-Fi connection is poor, either because the Wi-Fi in general is low or because the camera is too far away from the router.

Other users report issues with the video feed; when the internet is slow, the video tends to lag and glitch, making it difficult for users to tell if there is an emergency that they need to act upon.

ring floodlight cam review

May Require Professional Help to Install

Although it is convenient to never need to change the batteries on this security camera system, not all users have the training to safely install their Ring Floodlight Cam into their junction box.

Hiring a licensed electrician to install the camera for you is highly recommended, but potentially inconvenient and expensive.

Pay to Save

While you are able record and store your security camera footage on the cloud, it will cost you to do so.

The good news is, the price isn’t too crazy at $30 per year for each device, or a fee of $100 per year for unlimited devices.

These subscriptions also include an unlimited guarantee so you’re continuously covered.

This isn’t a big deal for small families or individuals who opt to record and save on a single device. Though those who want to add additional devices will have to weigh this con.

Overall Verdict

We would recommend the Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated HD Security Cam to anyone looking for a new and easy to operate security system that includes many handy features.

From the lights, to the alarms, to the video feeds, these features not only allow you to protect your home, but can help you to communicate with the friends and loved ones around you.

Homeowners with unique property layouts might need some experimentation to find out if this camera’s angle and motion sensing is right for them, and a strong Wi-Fi system is a recommended additional investment to ensure maximum effectiveness of this security system.

In general, however, we recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple way to increase home security!

Where to Buy the Ring Floodlight Camera Motion Activated Security Cam

Smart cameras are growing in popularity as a convenient and effective way to take charge of your home security. Products like the Ring Floodlight Security Cam have been added to homes worldwide as an efficient way to protect the home.

The Ring Floodlight Cam gained recognition on national television and its rebranding has allowed it to become a top choice for home security.

For these reasons, the Ring Floodlight Cam can be found both in-stores and online.

To start, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, it’s also available for purchase on Amazon.

ring floodlight review

That’s it for our review on the Ring Floodlight Security Cam. Tempted to give it a try?

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