Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller Review

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SHJ Verdict

Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller takes all the guesswork out of lawn and garden maintenance while saving you money.

This smart lawn sprinkler is easy to use and interacts with Alexa and Google so you never have to lift a finger.

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If you’re looking for a good smart sprinkler, then it’s no surprise you’re reading up on the Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller.

In this Rachio review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the various benefits of this smart device, as well as considering the most obvious drawbacks of such a finely tuned automatic sprinkler.

rachio review

Where this product really shines is in its compatibility with your personal routine. You won’t have to keep track of watering schedules or expected rainfalls anymore. A good smart device takes the grind out of your hands – and that’s exactly what this sprinkler does.

While it can keep track of upcoming weather patterns, you will need a steady Wi-Fi connection to ensure these register properly. Setup is done without trouble, but it pays to check if you’re getting the first or second iteration of this sprinkler.

However, we’re most impressed by the impact this device has on the water bill, since excessive water use can do significant damage to our wallets.

If you’re not convinced yet, feel free to read on. We’ve gathered all the details just for you!

Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches.
  • Product Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Product Type: Smart lawn sprinkler controller
  • Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and 8-zone if you purchase the second generation.
  • Lawn type: All types.

How Does it Work

A well-kept lawn is a homeowner’s dream. Keeping it nice and green, on the other hand, can be a real nightmare, with over-watering or under-watering both lurking around the corner.

Sprinklers are a blessing, and smart ones are everything we could hope for. With a smart lawn sprinkler, all your woes become easy to manage.

These devices work exactly as an ordinary lawn sprinkler, only you can just program a schedule and go on with your life without having to worry about keeping your lawn pristine.

Of course, an automatic lawn sprinkler comes with a few features, and we’re happy to shed light on these.

One of your first steps is dividing your lawn into zones. This is an ideal feature for people who have differences in the general makeup of their yard.

The process of watering your different zones is, in itself, a blessing for your wallet and your lawn. While the program is running, it will divide the time spent watering in separate portions. This gives the water time to sink into the soil, providing a better supply and less drainage.

If you’re not used to this sort of watering system, it might take a few days to figure out the optimal period of time needed for watering, but in the end, you’ll find it really pays off.

smart lawn sprinkler

With the Rain Delay function, you can even have your sprinkler check the weather forecast for the next few days. This feature does work better the closer you are to a forecast station, so keep an eye out during your first week on how accurate it is.

Testers who live near such stations have reported great results, while those who live further away are still rather optimistic, but don’t feel the feature is necessary.

Finally, you also can get geeky by adjusting desired water levels. If you’re not satisfied by setting the sprinkler to run for fifteen minutes, but you want an exact ration of water to rain down on your lawn, it’s an easy thing to enter into your smart sprinkler.

If a sudden rainstorm pops up, the system will take this into account and decrease the amount of water it dispenses.

Rachio: The Brand

Rachio is a company founded and based in Denver, where they have spent a long time perfecting their smart sprinkler, affectionately known as Iro.

Inspired by their own desire for a good looking yard, they conceived Iro as the best solution for everyone who wants to keep their lawn in tiptop shape.

Rachio understands that not everyone knows how to take care of a lawn, or how to estimate the ideal amount of water. Also, most sprinklers up to that point were very low-tech. Sure, they would get the job done, but Rachio believed it could be done better.

That’s where their Iro came into play. With a smart system that lets it connect to weather forecasts, Iro makes wise decisions on how it can best to take care of your lawn.

Rachio came into the market with a clear vision of where they wanted to go, and it paid off with a fine product that rakes in positive reviews.

Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller Review

The Positives


It doesn’t matter what smart appliance you’re looking into; it needs to be adaptable to your needs.

This means not only having a decent pre-set option for those who can’t be bothered to change things, but also enough functions for those who like more control in their life.

Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Luckily, Rachio has taken this into account, leaving you with a perfectly customizable experience.

It doesn’t matter if you need this sprinkler to run once a month or three times per day; all that’s necessary is to make your wishes clear and watch the magic happen.


Being able to customize things to your preferences is pretty sweet, but it’s even sweeter when you can rely on your smart technology to be even smarter with your resources.

The last thing you want is to water your lawn before and after heavy rainfall. Luckily, the Rachio smart sprinkler taps into local weather stations and figures out what’s necessary to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

You can even program your smart lawn sprinkler to water your lawn based on plant or grass type, as well as how much sun it gets each day. Rachio will do all the research for you and adapt its schedule to the needs of your lawn.

This takes away the guesswork when it comes to lawn care, if your lawn needs water, the Rachio Lawn Sprinkler will provide as much or as little as it needs.

Easy to Set Up

We cannot say it enough – a smart device needs to be smart from the start. It all begins with a smooth set-up, and Rachio has got this one down.

Rachio’s instructions are easy to follow, so those of us who aren’t too keen on technology don’t have to worry. Most of the setup is done via the Rachio app, which is both intuitive and easy to follow.

There are also video tutorials available to guide you along the process, but rest assured it won’t be frustrating.

Saves You Money

It’s clear that the Rachio Lawn Sprinkler saves you time and effort, but it also saves you money too!

The Rachio in itself isn’t overly expensive to purchase, and once you install it, you can expect your water bill to be quite a relief.

Many customers have reported their water bill being thirty to hundreds of dollars less than normal since using the Rachio Lawn Sprinkler, while Rachio advertises that using their smart product will reduce bills by up to 50%.

It’s a small investment to save a ton of money in the future. You’ll also be making our earth a little bit greener by saving on the amount of water used in gardening.

Customer Service

No matter what piece of technology you’re about to purchase, it’s always a bonus to know that you’re protected under a warranty.

With the Rachio Controller, you’ll be granted a 2-year limited warranty covering any errors or damages caused by manufacturing.

Should you find a problem, you’ll need to contact Rachio and they’ll repair or replace your device.

Rachio review

You’ll also have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. So, should you not be satisfied with the way Rachio is working for you, you can return your device for a full refund.

If you do need to use your warranty, or just need to contact customers service to solve a pressing question, you won’t need to worry.

Rachio is backed by outstanding customer service who are known for being friendly, attentive, and helpful. This is especially reassuring since we all know how daunting less than stellar customer service can be.

The Negatives

Differences Between Generations

The set-up process between the two generations of the Rachio smart sprinkler does differ greatly.

If you happen to run into a bump while getting your sprinklers up and running, be sure to check which version you have.

Requires Internet Connectivity

While the system runs smoothly and the settings you’ve entered can always be accessed, the sprinklers do need Wi-Fi access to be able to determine any upcoming weather.

If you know your Wi-Fi is spotty at best, this might not be the sprinkler for you.

Overall Verdict

The Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller can easily be recommended to anyone who wants to take exceptional care of their lawn.

Those who will be most interested in this feature are people who find it hard to monitor their lawn because the local weather tends to vary wildly, people who are just too busy to keep constant track of what their garden needs, and those who want to make sure their smart house is up to scratch.

Of course, it’s a given that you won’t be needing a smart sprinkler if you don’t have a garden. For the real DIY enthusiast or for those with small gardens, a sprinkler system like this will feel like too much.

But if you’re looking to take some of the grind out of your gardening or grassy lawn exploits, this is certainly the best way of doing that consistently.

Here’s a video showing what the Rachio looks like out of the box and installed.

Where to Buy the Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Rachio may not be a brand you regularly hear about in tech-talk or shopping news, but with the creation of their Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller, they’ve definitely gained some attention and popularity.

Many people may not have even known they needed a smart lawn sprinkler controller in their lives until this invention, and now, many lawn and garden owners can’t live without it.

Thanks to Rachio’s success, a number of retailers now offer the Rachio Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller both in-store and online.

To start your search, you can check out the following online retailers.

But of course, you can also find this smart lawn sprinkler on Amazon.

Rachio review

That’s it for our Rachio review. Are you curious to give it a try?

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