Pimax: The World’s First 8K VR Headset

If you watched the trailer for Ready Player One and wished you had your own OASIS to immerse yourself in… well, we’re not quite there yet.

However, Pimax has the next best thing (or rather, the closest thing): The world’s first 8k virtual reality headset.

The market has seen many headsets emerge over the years, such as the Vive, Samsung VR Headset, Rift, and Sony PlayStation VR Headset.


However, no headset has been able to do what the Pimax is doing. Even Disney has partnered up with Pimax and is using their headsets on their rides!

This game-changer is going above and beyond, and improving many aspects of virtual reality other companies don’t have the foresight to in their own headsets, resulting in a unique virtual experience that feels almost too real.

The 8k VR Headset: What Does It Do Differently?

There are many things about virtual reality simulations that can take you out of the experience, such as a limited field of vision, low resolution pixels, and “screen door effect,” which happens when the human eye detects the fine line of pixels in an image.

The Pimax VR headset attempts to fix all that to deliver a truly immersive experience, one that makes you forget that what you see in front of you isn’t real.

Field of Vision

One thing that sets the Pimax headset apart from the rest is its field of vision.

Regular headsets only allow you to see 110 degrees, resulting in a very limited view of what’s around, and forcing you to turn your head more frequently if you want to see to your sides.

Such narrow views give us the sense that we’re seeing things through binoculars.

The Pimax headset provides a 200-degree field of vision (which is impressively close to our natural 220-degree field of vision).

This allows you to use your peripheral vision and makes the experience feel all the more real.


While other VR headsets have a resolution of 2.6 million to 5.2 million pixels, the Pimax headsets has a resolution of 16.6 million pixels, so you can see everything in perfect clarity.


The Pimax 8K VR Headset utilizes technology in an impressive way to bring about the best virtual reality experience, such as eye tracking, to better help your hand-eye coordination.

They also have a Pimax exclusive technology called “brainwarp,” which helps lower down hardware requirement, reduce latency, and boost refresh rate for a smoother VR experience.

Light as a Feather

Using VR headsets for long periods of time can be a little uncomfortable.

Over time, the weight will cause neck and back pains that can be detrimental to your health.

However, the Pimax headset promises to be lighter than other headsets, despite its bigger size.

pimax headset

No More Nausea

Pimax has also eliminated the motion sickness that often comes with using VR headsets.

I Can See Clearly Now the Screen Is Gone

Despite the fact it’s called the 8k VR Headset, it’s not actually 8k.

The headset has two 4k screens, a combination that enhances the quality of the images, reduces the screen door effect, and makes things seem tangible.

This is especially useful for people who use headsets in Skype video chats. You can now see your long-distance friends and loved ones in 4k!


The Pimax 8k Headset is compatible with most of the VR content on the market, meaning that you don’t have to buy brand new hardware and software or wait for Pimax to develop new content for the headset.

The Pimax Team

The Pimax team is located in Shanghai and Silicon Valley and they are avid players of video games.

They created the 8k VR Headset because they wanted to bring high quality into the VR market, improve aspects of VR headsets other companies wouldn’t improve, and bring innovation where there was complacency.

Where Can I get My Own Pimax Headset?

The Pimax 8k VR Headset successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign on November 3rd with a whopping $4 million dollars when they only asked for $200,000.

Those that pledged $350 or more got a Pimax 5k headset (which is similar to the 8k headset, except it has a resolution of 2560×1440 as opposed to the 8k’s 3840×2160, and only 7.4 million pixels; still more than double that of other brands).

Those that pledged $450 dollars or more got the 8k version.

Now that the Kickstarter campaign is over, they will ship out the headsets to the backers during December.

Pimax should then have the headset be available for consumers late into January 2018. The consumer version will cost more but have better packaging.

pimax 8k


The Pimax 8k VR Headset is the best VR headset out right now, and no other headset offers the impressive technology and design this headset has.

Whether you want to use it for gaming, Skype, email, or just watching movies and videos, we can all agree on one thing: We’ve come a long way from View-Masters.

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