Nest Slashes Price Of Home Security System By $100

Nest has dropped the price of their Secure alarm system starter pack to $399 — a cool $100 off the original price of $499.

Spotted by eagle-eyed journalists at The Verge, the price drop is significant although still represents the top of the smart home security market.

The pricey starter pack includes the following:

  • 1 Nest Guard – the security hub keyboard that allows you to control any burglar alarms already installed
  • 2 Nest Detects – sensors to be placed on windows and doors
  • 2 Nest Tags – key fobs that allow you to arm and disarm the alarm system remotely

nest secure review

It should be noted that this doesn’t include any alarms or security cameras and really is just a starter pack in home security.

You’ll likely choose to pair it with the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera and perhaps even a smart video doorbell like the Ring.

nest secure price drop

It’s also possible to add on extra Nest Detects — handy if your home has plenty of windows and doors worth monitoring. They’ve benefited from the price drop as well — from $59 to a more palatable $49.

All Nest devices are manageable via the Nest app for mobile.

This drop in prices is a calculated move for Alphabet-owned Nest and likely to bring them a load of new customers.

A survey by PC Mag earlier this year saw that despite widespread belief in the safety of smart home security systems like the Nest Secure, only a paltry 17% had decided to buy and install them in their own homes. The number 1 reason why they weren’t buying?


That’s right — 37% of respondents said that cost was their biggest concern when it came to buying a smart security system. We were surprised that people weren’t more concerned with the security aspects of these products, but ‘hacking, malware and cybersecurity risks’ came in second at 30%.

If it’s just cost holding you back from investing in a system like the Nest Secure, this price drop is likely to be just the impetus you need to get your home fitted out.

While $399 is still reasonably expensive in this market, it’s no longer an anomaly, and consumers will be persuaded by Nest’s stellar reputation in the smart home industry.

Are you tempted to buy a Nest Secure security system now it’s $100 cheaper?


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