NAPOSPY: World’s Smartest Leather Gloves

Imagine leaving work for the day, tired and satisfied with the job you have done. When you make it halfway home, however, you realize that you have misplaced your gloves, likely somewhere around the office.

You debate between driving back to retrieve your gloves or hoping that they are still where you left them when you return to the office in the morning.

If you go back to retrieve them, you will have to spend precious time searching the office; if you leave them where they are until the morning, there is a chance that you won’t be able to find them at all.

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Napo Gloves looks to circumvent this conundrum with their new line of gloves, called Napospy, referred “the world’s smartest leather gloves.”

Tracking these gloves will be no trouble at all, and if you leave them behind after a busy day of work, you will be able to find them with ease.

Napo Gloves – International, Quality Hand-Ware

Napo Gloves is a company sharing its litany of high-quality gloves with a broader audience.

New to the stage in 2018, Napo Gloves is based out of Poland, and they are looking to counteract their production costs with the help of Kickstarter backers.

Their pre-existing and presently available line of gloves includes Napo Classics, Napo Stud, Napo Felt, Napo Wool, and Napo Drive.

Napospy: The World’s Smartest Leather Gloves

The newest line of Napo gloves is Napospy, gloves designed to make your daily life easier as you interact with technology in all sorts of weather.

These gloves come along with glove tracking technology, which is ideal in the case that you lose them.

You can connect your Nanospy gloves to your smartphone to locate them, or you can listen to the gloves’ buzzing, courtesy of the gloves’ remote buzzer, in order to find where they are in your home.

Napo Gloves boasts their Napospy line as “the world’s smartest leather gloves,” passing by the now-standard touchscreen usable gloves in order to make your day all the easier.

The Napo brand gloves, Napospy or otherwise, are made of high quality and excellently crafted Ethiopian lambskin leather, and they are available in a variety of sizes.

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These gloves also operate with touchscreens. You will not have to expose yourself to the cold in order to go about your day to day responsibilities; rather, Napo Gloves wants to ensure that their gloves interfere with your daily activities as little as possible.

Napospy Gloves Features

The Napo Gloves’ glove tracking comes in the form of phone connection and an included buzzer.

Both are included by the Napo Gloves company to ensure that, should you misplace your gloves while out at a coffee shop, work, or somewhere within your home, you will not have to go and buy a new pair.

Instead, through minimal effort, you will be able to find them with ease.

Phone Connectivity

The Napospy gloves are app compatible; you can connect the technology included in the gloves to your phone with ease.

The tracking of the gloves, then, becomes all the easier. Simply pull up the app on your phone and avoid the hassle of having to retrace your steps.


Alternatively, you can make use of the buzzer Napo Gloves includes with their product. This buzzer, when pressed, activates a response within your gloves.

Much like when you have to go to the effort of finding your phone, you will be able to follow the sound of your gloves’ buzzing in order to locate them within your home or wherever you believe you have misplaced them.

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Stage of Development and Release Date

Napo Gloves already have their Napospy line of gloves in development, and they are looking to their Kickstarter backers to support them through the run of their first line.

These gloves are set to be shared with backers, and available on the wider market, come August 2018.

There are a number of benefits available to backers of Napospy, some of which are listed below:

  • Backers over $109 have access to an early bird discount on Napospy gloves.
  • Backers over $139 have the opportunity to receive a discounted pair of Napospy gloves in addition to a Chamberlain Leather Milk Gift Box.
  • Backers of over $1,500 will receive a distributor’s package of twenty pairs of gloves to resell to a wider audience.

Napo Gloves are looking to make your daily life easier and to save you any time you might waste looking for valued possession.

Napospy, the new line of gloves, is available for backing on Kickstarter, and these app compatible gloves are prided as some of the most technologically advanced gloves available to the general public.

Make your daily life simpler and try on a pair as soon as you please, thanks to the developers at Napo Gloves.

What do you think about the Napospy gloves? Would you give them a try?

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