Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker Review

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The Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker is beautifully designed for anyone who wants an unobtrusive way of keeping tracking of their body.

With long-lasting batteries, quick charging, and detailed overviews, you’ll never be left in the dark about your health.

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Fitness trackers have become increasingly sophisticated, and the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker is one of the best examples of this exciting trend.

The tracker is sized down and transmits all the necessary information to the matching app, giving you a 24/7 view of how you’re doing. Thanks to the excellent battery life, you’ll have more than 70 hours of live data at a time, no matter what kind of activity you’re involved in.

motiv ring review

While this ring manages to shrink down all of its technology into an incredibly small size, there are still a few issues to consider. The Android app is still in beta testing, making it a tough sell if you don’t happen to own the latest phone.

Also, the batteries and wires can only be shrunk down so much, meaning those with smaller hands might not find their size.

Nonetheless, are these small cons really enough to disregard this ring fitness tracker? We have all the details, so be sure to find out what makes this ring so interesting to us.

Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 8.4 x 0.5 inches.
  • Product Weight: 3.04 ounces.
  • Product Type: Smart fitness tracker.
  • Compatible with: Android.
  • Batteries: 1 lithium ion battery.
  • Warranty: 45-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.

How Does it Work

While it’s marketed as the Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep, and Heart Rate Tracker, this device can really be so much more. If you’ve been looking for a way to record your activities throughout the day, this is the perfect accessory for you.

While set-up of the ring is relatively straight-forward, you have to be aware that this product is still in the open beta stage. What this boils down to is simple: the corresponding app (only available on Android for now) has some issues that could make it inoperable on your smartphone.

This is largely the reason for its 45-day satisfaction guarantee; if the app does not work on your phone, all that’s needed is to send the ring back.

best fitness tracker

When purchasing your ring, you will first be sent a size chart. Be sure to evaluate this carefully, as this will determine the resulting fit of your ring. The ring finger is generally recommended to wear this fitness tracker, although the middle and index finger also yields favorable results.

Once you’ve selected your desired size and color, you send these details to the company and receive your ring.

All that’s left is to connect your new tracker to the app and start wearing it to gain all these features.

Complete Tracking

Where this ring shines is in how well it takes note of every aspect of your life. Because it was designed to be worn 24/7, you’ll have access to pretty much all the data you could wish for.

Whether your sleeping patterns are irregular or your heartbeat isn’t what it should be, the ring fitness tracker can draw it all up for you in handy graphs.


When you’re interested in a good fitness tracker, waterproofing – and by extension, sweat-proofing – is one of the most important features to look out for.

Since the Motiv Ring isn’t just meant to track your fitness, but also your overall lifestyle, you need to wear it all the time. So, whether you’re a swimming enthusiast or someone who still does their dishes by hand, this fitness tracker is sure to withstand anything you can throw at it.

The only thing to watch out for is diving. The ring can only go to about 160 feet underwater, so prepare accordingly.

Good Battery Life

You get the most out of your personal health trackers if you wear them constantly. This is why cell phones are okay for novices, but the real work starts with accessories.

This ring can stay active for three days straight, no matter what you’re doing. While you might think getting a bigger ring size could improve the capacity, the size of the battery will always stay the same, so buying a slightly larger ring won’t do you extra favors.

Be sure to prioritize your comfort when selecting your fitness tracker.

Motiv Ring fitness

Motiv Inc.: The Brand

Motiv Inc. was founded in 2012 and has been making waves ever since. Most well-known for their FitBits, the company has decided that smaller is the best way to go for their accessories.

With the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker, they’re showing that great things do come in small packages.

Motiv Inc. surely has a challenge cut out for them as they continue to focus on technology that can fit seamlessly into your life.

We’re sure to see more great things from them, so keep an eye out as they continue to improve their existing and upcoming products.

Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker Review

The Positives

Quick to Charge

If you want to stay on top of your fitness goals, you’re probably not interested in taking a back seat for hours at a time, waiting for your fitness trackers to charge.

The best device of this variety charges quickly and easily – and that’s one of the points where the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker excels.

Not only does the battery last for three days, but after 90 minutes of charging, you’re good to go again. This is great for busybodies or those who are active throughout the day. You’ll be able to keep track of your body without much delay.

For travelers, having a battery that lasts for days, takes away a lot of hassle and worry when on the road.

Fun, Interactive Overview

Getting the data is one thing, but what about how it’s presented? With the Motiv Ring, you’ll find that your physical excursions are being recorded as you go, thanks to Motiv’s extensive library.

You’ll get a daily analysis of your activity, sleep, and resting heart rate. When you tap on the card or feed, you’ll be given more details about any of these, so you can easily see just how restless or at-ease you were the day before.

Motiv Ring review

If the device isn’t sure about what exactly happened, or if you feel like a correction is in order, you can update the info yourself with pictures and correct terms.

Hardly Noticeable

If you’re using the device for health, weight loss, or something else, that doesn’t mean your intentions need to be broadcasted to all lookers-on.

This device is discrete and can be easily mistaken as a normal ring, giving you the privacy you deserve.

The Motiv Ring Fitness, Sleep and Heart Rate Tracker come in both slate grey and rose gold, allowing users to seamlessly blend their rings into a variety of outfits. It has a minimalistic design, so it’s less likely to draw attention unless you point it out.

Motiv uses ultra-light titanium in the ring’s design, ensuring it is comfortable and lightweight on any finger you choose to place it on. And since it’s less than 0.1 inches thick, it won’t be a bulky annoyance.

This ring is made to be durable too since it will be worn daily by most users, so they’ve designed it to be strong enough to take some bumps, nicks, and scratches. To avoid excessive scratches to your Motiv Ring though, it’s best to wear it on your less dominant hand.

Customer Service

Knowing that a company has your back before making a purchase always make it less of a gamble. Motiv Inc. promises to have you covered in the case of any manufacturing damages by offering a 1-year limited warranty.

This warranty covers the cost of a replacement or repair should you find faults with your fitness tracker.

Motiv Ring review

As mentioned, Motiv Inc. has also included a 45-day money-back guarantee so should you find that this ring isn’t comfortable, or doesn’t function the way you expected, you’ll have over a month to request a refund.

Buyers have raved about Motiv Inc’s customer service department, claiming they are helpful and responsive (much more so through email), and usually resolves issues painlessly.

The Negatives

Limited Small Sizes

All those chips and wires need to fit in somewhere, meaning you’re out of luck if your hands are exceptionally small. This device is absolutely best for those with larger digits.

If you’re still on the fence, Motiv Inc. has a good return policy, but if you already know your size is rarely available, a Fitbit may be a better option.

Some Wear, But No Tear

The ring itself is titanium, but since it is made rather thin, you’ll find it scratches easily depending on your lifestyle.

If maintaining a picture perfect look is essential for you, it may be wise to look for more bulky options.

Here’s a video showing what the Motiv Ring looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

The Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker is a great solution for those who love fitness and tech. Its small size is nothing short of amazing, and it’s a very subtle look to pull off.

If you’ve always felt less than impressed by the available styles of bracelets, and apps just can’t meet your needs, this ring might just be what you need.

While the features are cool and it’s been executed well, the limited app availability makes it hard to wholly recommend this ring.

If you have the appropriate tech and feel like this device could make the difference for you, you won’t regret it.

However, for those with small hands or outdated cell phones, it might be better to continue your research before settling on this Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker.

Where to Buy the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker

After Fitbit made a splash on the tech and fitness scene, we’re happy to see the Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker making a name for itself with its own outstanding design.

Many Fitbit and fitness tracker lovers are making the switch to the Motiv Ring as a more unobtrusive tool for tracking their health. This smaller fitness tracker has gained attention from enthusiasts and media, being featured on a variety of outlets.

Thanks to the company’s success, and the popularity of their fitness tracking ring, you’ll be able to find the Motiv Ring available both in-store and online.

While it’s always best to check fitness, sport, or department stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find the Motiv Ring on Amazon.

motiv ring review

That’s it for our Motiv RIng review. Are you curious to give it a try?

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