Lenovo Releasing 3 New Smart Home Gadgets

Lenovo have announced the launch of three new smart home products — billed together as a sort of ‘smart home starter pack’ — hitting the market this November.

The products are a smart bulb, smart plug and a WiFi camera, all of which can be controlled by the Lenovo Smart Display, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit, as well as via the dedicated Lenovo Link app.

Called ‘Lenovo Smart Home Essentials’, the products are available individually but boast interconnectivity without requiring use of a hub. They each have their own built-in Wifi radios so will automatically connect into your home Wifi network.

With this upcoming release, Lenovo are attempting to tap into the market that doesn’t want to use lots of individual apps to control all their different devices — this is a catch-all starter pack that can be 100% controlled by use of the Lenovo Link app.

Easy and convenient.

These three new smart home devices join the Smart Display, which was launched last month and dubbed by us as “Lenovo’s answer to the Amazon Echo Show”. Essentially, it’s a virtual assistant with a screen.

We expect that these ‘smart home essentials’ will, sooner or later, be marketed together with the Smart Display in some sort of bundle package.

Let’s take a closer look at the three new products.

Lenovo Smart Plus

  • Type: Smart plug
  • RRP: $30
  • Release: November 2018
  • Use: Plug into any outlet and control all compatible smart home devices remotely

Lenovo Smart Bulb

  • Type: Smart bulb
  • RRP: $30
  • Release: November 2018
  • Use: Remote schedule and customize lighting from the app — color adjustments, dim brightness and timing delay available. Life expectancy of around 15,000 hours.

Lenovo Smart Camera

  • Type: Smart security camera
  • RRP: $100
  • Release: Early 2019
  • Use: Wifi connected camera boasting infrared night vision, motion detection and a two-way microphone.



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