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The Invidyo Child Monitor is much more than just a baby monitor.

With temperature alerts, video playback, and facial recognition, this monitor goes above and beyond so you’ll never miss a beat.

With just a few concerns to note, busy parents will find that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to keeping up with baby.

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Children get into all sorts of trouble over the course of a day, and if you’re a busy mom, you can’t always be there to keep them out of it.

Luckily, the startup Invidyo is doing their best to keep busy moms in mind with their Invidyo Smart Child Monitor.

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Things like work, friends, and plain old exhaustion mean that you may not only miss out on your child discovering how to climb out of their playpen, but you might miss a big, beautiful smile or the play time that makes them burst into giggles.

Invidyo’s titular product makes use of AI in order to keep an eye on your child while you are away at work or just in the other room.

The Invidyo smart child monitor is touted as one of the best child monitors for busy parents; it comes with a litany of features that make it stand out amongst the competition.

In partnering with Amazon Alexa as well, the Invidyo is set to make life easier for all parents who give it a try.

In this Invidyo review, you can take a look at this smart child monitor’s features, pros, and cons, in order to decide whether it’s the ideal product for your needs.

Invidyo: The Details

The Invidyo smart child monitor is the company’s first product, but they’ve brought outstanding amounts of innovation to the field.


  • Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 1.4 x 2.6 inches.
  • Weight: 9 ounces.
  • Product Type: Smart Child Monitor.
  • Compatible With Amazon Alexa?: Yes

How Does it Work?

Invidyo comes with a number of features that make it an exceptional child monitor.

Facial Recognition

The Invidyo child monitor makes use of artificial intelligence, courtesy of Amazon Alexa, in order to keep an eye on your child while you are otherwise occupied.

This device works through an innovative use of facial recognition technology.

The camera you set up in the same room as your child will not only recognize your and your child’s faces but will also identify unfamiliar faces, doubling as an effective security system.

invidyo child monitor

If you are away at the grocery store, and you haven’t introduced your sitter to Invidyo, keep an eye out!

When Invidyo doesn’t recognize your sitter, the child monitor will send a text alert to your phone, letting you know that a stranger is in your home.

Likewise, your Invidyo child monitor’s AI can detect whenever your child smiles. It’ll snap a picture and save that image for up to seven days.

If you’re away during play times, you can still scan through pictures of your child’s delighted smile at your leisure.

Pictures like these, as well as others, will be saved over the course of the day and can be shared with you thanks to Invidyo’s two-minute daily highlight reel.

You can review an entire day’s worth of pictures in a brief two minute period, and enjoy the option of keeping your favorites to view again at a later date.

Temperature Sensor

The Invidyo does more than keep an eye on your child visually. You’ll also have the opportunity, through Invidyo’s IOS or Android apps, to monitor the humidity and temperature levels in your child’s room.

As a result, this hyper-aware technology allows you to react to the changing state of your child’s environment, making the prevention of tantrums or colds all the easier.

Field of Vision

Invidyo has a phenomenal range of vision, operating within 130 degrees of its 720p HD camera lens. The camera also includes night vision, as well as a two-way audio system.

This decked-out camera not only lets you keep track of your child, day or night, but it also ensures that if your child is calling for you, you can respond quickly while en route to their room.

Subscription Options

Invidyo comes with two subscription levels, allowing you to better customize your experience with their product.

The first subscription level ensures that you can retain any pictures your Amazon Alexa child monitor takes over the course of the day, for up to 24 hours.

This subscription also includes Invidyo’s two-way sound, motion monitoring, and facial detection, as well as the app’s ability to track the temperature and humidity of the room.

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The second subscription level allows you to retain pictures over a seven-day period without the device removing them – and who doesn’t like that kind of long-term memory?

This subscription also includes stranger identification, as well as your child’s smile detector.

You will have the opportunity to test out this premium level of service for three months free after your purchase of the Invidyo camera.

Invidyo: The Brand

Invidyo, the company, is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and their child monitor is the first of their products.

The Invidyo child monitor ran on Kickstarter in 2016 and has been toted as a one-of-a-kind AI, ideal for ensuring child safety by Invidyo co-founder, Ă–zgur Deniz Ă–nĂĽr.

Invidyo Review

Is the Invidyo right for you?

We’ve given you the details – but what about the pros and cons?

The Positives

Easy Set-Up and Management

Invidyo has made their child monitor as easy to set up as possible. There are no batteries to insert, and even laymen with no technical experience can have it operational in seconds. Just plug the system in!

Additionally, the Invidyo child monitor runs without pauses, meaning that once you’ve set the system up, you can let it go without interference.

The child monitor even comes along with a lithium battery, ensuring that you can move it from room to room without having to restart the system.

Perfect for Busy Parents

With all the notifications Invidyo sends to your phone, you won’t feel like you’re out of the loop with this child monitor.

Not only does its face recognition technology take snaps of your child’s bubbly smiles all day, but the daily summary videos allow you to see every moment you missed while away.

You’ll also get a one year free trial subscription to Invidyo’s cloud service so you can turn back the hands of time whenever it’s convenient for you. After the one year trial, you can continue to use this service for a fee.

invidyo review

Whether you’ve hired a sitter to watch your child while you’re away, you’re busy working from home, or are being pulled in all directions around the house, Invidyo keeps you posted with notifications throughout the day.

You’ll get a notification if the AI picks up a face, if the air quality changes, or even if the temperature changes so you’ll always be aware.

Full View 

Thanks to the wide-angle HD camera you’ll be able to see the entire room, wherever you set it. This minimizes losing any information when your child wanders to a corner of a room – Invidyo sees all.

And when the sun goes down, Invidyo carries on with its night vision capabilities so you can keep track of your child when they’re sleeping or in a dimly lit room.

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night or is sleeping in a less than ideal position, you can quickly attend to your baby and alter any issues right away.

Not Just for Babies 

While the photography feature is great for any proud mama or daddy on the go, the camera can be used for so much more.

Keep it after your child’s younger years and you can continue to monitor the home and still be notified for unfamiliar faces, or know when your middle-schooler gets home from school.

If a senior is in your care, or you have a furry one at home eagerly awaiting your return, this camera will be handy to ensure safety while you’re away, and its temperature alerts will be helpful.

Customer Support

Invidyo has also been touted as having fantastic customer support.

Because the Invidyo child monitor is the company’s first product, they are still working through some of the bugs – and we’ll get to those in a minute.

What’s important, though, is that the company is quick to respond to any difficulties you might report.

Give them a call or send them an email if something is off with your child monitor, and you’re sure to receive a quality and thoughtful response from an Invidyo employee in no time at all.

invidyo review

The Negatives

The Facial Detection Isn’t Perfect

Invidyo’s child monitor is good at what it does, but it’s still getting the hang of all the complicated planes of individual faces.

That is to say, when you’re checking in on your child while making dinner, it might take Invidyo a moment to focus in on your child’s face.

Likewise, you do need to take care to introduce any new individuals’ faces to the Invidyo system – and it may take a few introductions in order for the face to stick.

This set-up isn’t ideal, necessarily, but it’s an understandable lag. This is Invidyo’s first foray into child monitoring with the assistance of an AI like Amazon Alexa, so growing pains are natural.

Issues with Lag 

While the camera on the Invidyo is able to provide quality photo and video some customers have reported a short lag in its video recording.

While this delay won’t be a big issue to most, some might find it annoying or frustrating in the long run.

Overall Verdict

Invidyo’s child monitor is a technological step forward for child monitoring. While its system isn’t perfect, and the AI is still learning, this device is still one of the best.

You can monitor your child’s safety, ensure their room doesn’t grow too cold at night, and respond remotely to any of your child’s calls.

These features all add up to an improved experience for parents.

Where to Buy Invidyo

The Invidyo Camera is an innovative product, designed to help busy parents keep track of their child while they’re away.

The technology used in this product isn’t something that is commonly used in baby monitors, making this a product that tech enthusiasts are keeping their eyes on to see how it performs.

This isn’t a product we’re used to seeing in the aisles of regular department stores, so we’re not surprised that it will be hard to find both in-store and online.

For now, you can find the Invidyo Child Monitor on their website.

Invidyo (from $179)

And it’s also available on Amazon.

invidyo child monitor

That’s it for our Invidyo review. Would you give this baby monitor a try?

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