Introducing Belle: The AI Doorbell

Netvue Shenzhen has created a product that will allow you to improve your home security as well as your interactions with anyone who wants to come by for a visit.

Belle, the AI Doorbell, serves as one part home security, one part AI assistant and one part doorbell. With a programmable personality, Belle does more than monitor your visitors; this doorbell is capable of having complete and coherent conversations with anyone who comes knocking.

two way audio doorbell

Visitors who interact with Belle have the opportunity to reach out to a specific person within the home, and if that person isn’t available, they can leave a customized message behind that can then be accessed when you return or through your cell phone.

You can also schedule visits into Belle’s agenda in advance so she can greet your visitors by name.

Netvue Shenzhen and Belle offer you the opportunity to advance your interactions with your visitors, and their Kickstarter promises excellent benefits to those who want to jump on the AI assistant bandwagon.

Netvue Shenzhen: Advancing Artificial Intelligence

Founded in 2010, Netvue Shenzhen has worked on the cutting edge of interactive technology, pushing plug-n-plays, IP cameras, and a multi-generational cloud platform.

Netvue Shenzhen launched their battery-powered doorbell – Belle’s predecessor – in 2016 and pride themselves on expanding their users’ connections to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Their work in facial detection and analysis lends itself not only to their pre-existing product line but to the unique benefit of installing Belle on your front door.

All About Belle AI Doorbell

Belle is an artificial intelligence, personal assistant, and security system wrapped in a sleek package.

Her features are numerous, and her specifications ensure that she’s no more intrusive on your front door than a standard doorbell.

smart doorbell


  • Size: 3 inches x 2.1 inches x 1.2 inches
  • Color: Black and white
  • Camera: ¼ inch pixel; includes x8 zoom
  • Video: 720P
  • Work Conditions: fully functional between -4 degrees Fahrenheit and 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • App: IOS and Android
  • Warranty: One year


Belle’s voice interactions are considered her key feature. Whether greeting the postman, a friend, or extended family, Belle can recognize the person on your doorstep based on Netvue Shenzhen’s facial recognition technology as well as their vocal patterns.

Belle can respond to your visitors, mimicking a full conversation and answering detailed questions as she has been programmed.

Visitors who request to see a specific member of the household can have that person paged as part of their interaction with Belle. If that individual isn’t at home, Belle can communicate with them either by calling them or sending them a text alert.

Belle’s text-to-voice processor will read off a text response, should the contacted party choose to send one, furthering her emulation of a full and coherent conversation with whoever is visiting your home.

This two-way communication in audio and text format is what makes Belle the ideal greeter to work at your door. You can even customize her responses to visitors based on the time of year, crafting unique holiday greetings to instill your visitors with cheer.

Belle roots herself even further in Netvue Shenzhen’s vast experience with her connection to Netvue’s safe cloud storage. While working with the Netvue Cloud, courtesy of Amazon Web Service, Belle’s free interaction plan enables you to store audio conversations, instant alerts, and motion capture video storage online.

belle ai doorbell

Belle doesn’t just serve as a door greeter, though – she also works as a beneficial security system. Her night vision and motion detection, partnered with 170 degrees of horizontal camera range (as well as 120 degrees of vertical range), ensure that you’ll be able to monitor any unwanted visitors who come to your doorstep, be they noisy neighbors or a curious raccoon.

Belle’s other features include:

  • 24/7 live video streaming
  • Various personas to choose from
  • Compatibility with Echo, Echo Show, Fire TV, and Amazon Alexa
  • Audio-Only ring calls for poor internet connections
  • Video playback

Belle comes with free services, which include real-time monitoring of your doorstep and a remote control; more of her specialties are accessible through Netvue’s premium plan, which you can test with a 14-day free trial.

Belle AI Doorbell Stage of Development

Belle has been released for beta testing as of November 2017 and has been scheduled for shipping in March 2018.

If you’re interested in backing Belle’s production on Kickstarter, you’re in luck. When you support this project, you have the opportunity to receive Belle at a reduced cost and with free national and international shipping.

Backers who donate more to the cause have the opportunity to receive multi-Belle packages upon the doorbell’s release.

Belle and Netvue offer you the opportunity to advance your interactions with your visitors, improving your home security as well as the way you communicate.

Take advantage of exceptional facial recognition and artificial intelligence, and see how Belle can make your life easier.

Are you willing to give Belle AI Doorbell a try?

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