Injured Iraq War Vet Receives Smart Home

Army Ranger Cpl. Christopher Levi this week was given a custom-made smart home, specially designed to accommodate the serious injuries he sustained during the Iraq War.

The feel-good news of this week comes from Long Island after the 35-year old Purple Heart recipient was given the smart home as part of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation‘s smart home program, reports Newsday.

Levi lost his legs in March 2008 after the armored Humvee he was traveling in was hit by an IED. This was his second tour of duty in combat and they were in Sadr City, Baghdad, when the explosion struck.

After a year’s recovery in an army medical center in Maryland, Levi was transferred to his parents’ home in Long Island, which had to be modified to accommodate him.

His brand new smart home has been kitted out with a variety of technologies that will allow Levi to reclaim his independence.

Located in Suffolk on Long Island, USA, the three bedroom home has been designed with extra-wide doorways to allow for easy wheelchair access, mechanized kitchen cabinets, a mechanically lifted stove, and various touchpad technologies.

The home has been valued at $500,000 and is the 75th home to be donated as part of the Tunnel to Towers program. A number of other sponsors, both local and national, also contributed to the project and over 100 people attended the home dedication ceremony this week.

Levi, who is now walking on prosthetic legs, said, “If I was actually able to conceive all the awesomeness of today, I would just fall over. My brain would stop working.

“I don’t feel I deserve any of it, but I do hope to earn it.”

He also mentioned how excited he was to share the space with his extended family, who he labelled his biggest supporters.


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