Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt Review

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SHJ Verdict

The Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt is a beautiful piece of innovation, adding hassle-free security to your home.

Without having to rely on the internet, this smart lock becomes a reliable, convenient tool for you, your family, and your guests.

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The Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt is a visually appealing smart lock that has a range of attractive features waiting to be discovered.

If you’re interested in smart technology, you will definitely want to look into getting a smart lock. And if looks are important to you, the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt will have you covered.

best smart lock

Igloohome took the award for best design recently and their flagship product shows why. Smaller than most smart locks, the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt is a discreet solution that keeps your home safe without shouting it out to the world.

Combining this with a great PIN code system (you can create up to 285 different pins, each with their own expiration date) and Bluetooth connectivity, makes this a smart lock that knows what it’s doing.

While we are disappointed that you can’t unlock the door from a distance through the app, we found that generally speaking, this is a very promising smart lock.

Of course, you don’t have to believe us without further details, so be sure to read on and discover what we liked about this lock.

Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 3 x 6 inches.
  • Product Weight: 1.41 lbs.
  • Product Type: Smart lock.
  • Compatible with: Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

How Does it Work

As a smart deadlock, the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt is a replacement for the standard deadlock that has been in use for centuries.

Taking over all of the original functions of this most basic of door components, it also adds several versatile functions such as timed PIN codes and general Bluetooth connectivity.

The best thing about this? It deletes the need for a spare key under the front door mat, allowing you to give family and friends access to your home in complete style and even better security than before.

The installation process for this smart lock is a bit more intricate than that of most, prompting some further reflection on whether you want to commit.

While more compact than most smart locks, the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt is unique in that it requires you to drill an extra hole above the standard cylindrical cutout.

This provides the added stability it lacks due to its smaller size. You can find more detailed instructions by looking up online videos, so you have a better idea of what’s in store for you.

After this set-up, you’re ready to enjoy the various features.

Multiple Entry Codes

Thanks to the app, you can create up to 285 pin codes, ranging from permanent to temporary. Give each of your housemates their own individual code so they can come and go as they please, or make temporary codes for when you’re expecting guests.

igloohome smart lock review

When you’re having a house party and you can’t make it to the front door, you can easily distribute a few virtual keys for one-time use. It sure beats having to make yet another key when the situation calls for it.

Offline Functionality

While you do need some internet connectivity during the initial set-up, any subsequent use happens through Bluetooth.

This is a marked improvement from other models that depend on internet connectivity to recognize your phone as you approach.

Hallways don’t always have the best Wi-Fi reach, so the offline connectivity is a great feature to ensure you can enter your home even when the Wi-Fi is struggling.


Most smart devices just can’t afford to go without the accompanying app, and the Igloohome smart deadbolt has embraced the technology.

Use the app to fabricate and distribute your keys, as well as keep track of who’s using them. Once a key isn’t necessary anymore, you can easily delete it.

Visitor Tracking

Handing out a spare key is always a somewhat uncomfortable experience. You can’t be sure who’s going to be using that key after all.

The Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt keeps meticulous records of every time the door was unlocked, what code was used, and who the code belonged to.

Perfect for when you’re just a bit of a control freak or own a bed and breakfast. Just check the app and put your mind at ease.

Automatic Door Lock

Came home and are too lazy to get back up to lock the door? That situation sounds pretty familiar to us.

The Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt can be set to a specific hour where it will lock automatically, leaving you to retire to bed without having to wonder on whether or not your home is properly secured.

Setting this timer earlier during the day means no more backtracking just to check if you really did lock the door this time.

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Igloohome: The Brand

For a company that only got started in 2015, Igloohome already has an impressive array of awards to their name. With the most recent one being the IF Design Award 2018 for Product Design, it’s no wonder our testers have fallen in love with the sleek aesthetic of their Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt.

They’re proud of their app design, keeping it up to date and easy to use.

While they haven’t made any other products yet, they are definitely on the right track with their smart locks.

 Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt Review

The Positives

Physical Key Still Usable

Some smart deadbolts replace your entire lock, making your physical keys completely useless. While this might seem like the whole point of a smart lock, it’s still useful to be able to use a physical key in case of emergency.

With the Igloohome Smart Lock you won’t be left out in the cold should you not have access to your phone.

The physical lock becomes hidden underneath the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt, rendering it invisible without making it useless, giving you options for entering and exiting your home.


The biggest reason to get one of these smart locks is plain and simple convenience. Many of us have frantically searched for our keys in the bottom of our bag when arriving home from a long day.

Igloohome smart deadbolt

By eliminating the need for physical keys, you won’t run into any more of the correlating hassles and without having to use a key, you won’t have to worry about where you placed them last.

Igloohome ups the convenience factor by allowing users to give out temporary keys to upcoming guests, cleaners, or babysitters, and once they’ve left, you can revoke the key without having to hunt them down for it.

This is also a great solution to guesthouses, taking the hassle out of arranging to exchange keys. And unlike physical keys, having the ability to track who’s using the keys (including when) takes away any added stress that may come your way when managing your home.

There’s also a timed re-lock so after guests enter, it will automatically lock whether they remember to or not. And when you just really don’t want to be disturbed, there’s a privacy feature ensuring no one gets granted access.

PIN Number Pad

The number pad is also serviceable, making it great for those days when your phone has run out of battery before you made it home, or if you need to grant access to others.

Guesthouse owners can even sync their number pad to their Airbnb calendar to ensure pin numbers get sent out to guests before their arrival. No more waiting for your guests to arrive at awkward hours throughout the day.

And if you’re worried about low tech hackers figuring out what keys you use to type in your PIN, Igloohome has got you covered.

Thanks to the use of dud keys, you can add random numbers to your PIN without having to remember them, making it much easier to confuse possible thieves. If a PIN number is entered incorrectly five times, the lock will stop operating for a set period of time for even more added security.

No WiFi Required

Many other smart locks need to be connected to your WiFi network to be operational which isn’t always the greatest option for homes with low wifi signals like cottages, or homes in remote areas.

In situations like this, your smart lock becomes unreliable and inconsistent. Fortunately, Igloohome works around that requiring no internet access to work.

Igloohome smart lock review

Not only does this take away the hassle of ensuring you’re always connected, but it reduces the risk of hacks to your lock via the internet. It also saves on battery power since there’s no need for a constant connection 24/7.

The Negatives

No Remote Unlock

If you’re expecting friends and can’t get to the door, it would be convenient to be able to unlock the door from a distance.

Sadly, this feature is not supported by the Igloohome Smart Lock. You can circumvent this by sending a one-time PIN to your friends before they arrive.

If Igloohome does make any upgrades to their products in the future, we would like to see this feature added for enhanced convenience.


Overall Verdict

We can safely recommend this safe lock to anyone who’s interested in upgrading their home security.

While you won’t be able to unlock your door remotely, we do feel that the PIN codes, as well as the timed lockdown, more than make up for this.

The only reason not to invest in this smart lock would be if you’re not feeling up to drilling an extra hole in your door to safely accommodate the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt.

Barring this concern, this is surely the best smart lock for those interested in both style and functionality.

Where to Buy the Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt

While Igloohome may sound like a newbie to the smart device world, they have a number of successful smart lock products under their belt including the popular Igloohome Smart Lock Deadbolt.

Now with a line of smart locks, key boxes, and key tags under their belt, Igloohome continues to turn heads with their award-winning products, available both in-store and online.

Igloohome is still an up and coming brand, so while it’s usually best to check tech, home department, and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this smart lock on Amazon.

Igloohome smart deadbolt

That’s it for our Igloohome Smart Lock review. Are you tempted to give it a try?

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