Hugsy: Mother to Baby Bonding in a Heartbeat

Whether you are a soon-to-be mom, a brand-new mom, or a mother of a toddler, you always want to be there for your child.

But even on the best of days, that is not always possible. Especially in the first few months of your baby’s life, skin to skin contact and bonding are so important. It has been proven to reduce crying, reduce stress, improve immunity, allow for better brain development, and improve sleep for your baby.

But what happens when you can’t always be there to cuddle and bond with your little one?

That is where Hugsy comes in.

Created for instant parent to baby contact, this could well revolutionize the newborn baby market.

Let’s find out more…

Hugsy Products

Hugsy offers three products that will help you bond with your child, both while you’re with them and when you have to be away.

Hugsy Pouch

hugsy baby bonding

The Hugsy Pouch is for babies anywhere from 0 – 4 months and it is a great way to transition your kiddo from the hospital to home.

Kangaroo Care (or skin-to-skin cuddle sessions) is when the baby and parent co-regulate their temperature, breathing, and heart rate.

The Hugsy Pouch is a cozy swaddle that allows you to get in that important Kangaroo Care time, while keeping you and your baby comfortable.

The Hugsy Pouch is made of 100% organic cotton, and the patented silent and soft Velcro help the Pouch stay closed around your baby, keeping them warm and secure.

There is also the detachable hood to help keep in the heat through your baby’s head.

The Hugsy Pouch is already being used in Dutch hospitals during clinical trials and in many homes.

Hugsy Heartbeat

The Hugsy Heartbeat allows you to record and recreate your soothing heartbeat for those times you can’t be with your baby.

Record your heartbeat with a push of the single touch control and then simply place it next to them on their mattress while they are sleeping.

The Heartbeat can also be placed inside the head of the Hugsy Cuddle, so your child can take your unique, familiar, and calming sound with them wherever they go.

It runs on rechargeable batteries too, so you don’t need to shop on top of all other motherly responsibilities. Just plug it into any USB port with the charging cable that comes included.

Hugsy Cuddle

hugsy heartbeat

The Hugsy Cuddle is a bear-shaped toy for babies and toddlers up to four years of age.

The Cuddle is made of 100% organic cotton and allows your child to have a piece of you no matter where they are.

They still get the feeling of having a parent close by even when their mom or dad can’t be there with them. You can also tuck the detachable scent cloth that comes with the Cuddle inside your shirt or bra and it will pick up your unique scent.

When you are away, simply attach the cloth to the Cuddle and, along with the Hugsy Heartbeat that slips inside the bear’s head, your child will have a comforting sensory reminder of you.

The Cuddle is a great way to transition your child from sleeping in your room to sleeping in their own, or from being at home to going to daycare.

The Hugsy products have been tested and shown to decrease daily crying by 25% decrease. That is about 40 minutes per day! Less crying is beneficial for both baby and parent alike.

And don’t worry about spit ups or stains; both the Hugsy Cuddle and the Hugsy Pouch are machine washable.

Pros and Cons of Hugsy

There really are only good things to say about the Hugsy products.

They are made out of sustainable materials, and provide a baby and toddler in all stages of development with warmth and comfort — utilizing both the familiar scent and sound of their parent.

The products are a little pricey on the Kickstarter page at $87 for the Cuddle and the Heartbeat and $145 for all three products.

But, hopefully, with more funds and more popularity, they can reduce the price in the future.

Here’s a look at the company:

Past, Present, and the Future

Hugsy started off being used for babies born prematurely and in clinical trials in 2016. Then the demand became so great that there was clearly a need for all babies.

The designers at Hugsy have won multiple awards for their designs including the Red Dot Design Award, the A’ Design Award, and the Best of Dutch Week Award.

Hugsy has also been given positive reviews on multiple websites including the Bump, TechCrunch, and Digital Trends.

hugsy cuddle

Now, Hugsy has a Kickstarter campaign going to help raise funding to produce their products and set up a production line. You can support Hugsy here.

The Kickstarter orders are scheduled to be shipped in April 2018, and then in May 2018, there will be a full commercial launch in retail and online.

Hugsy Home Care will be commercially available in stores and online in mid-2018. Hugsy’s big goal is to become the global leader in parent-child bonding products.

Are you interested in trying a Hugsy product with your children?

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