hGroov: World’s First Smart Wireless Charging Earbuds

Music is a part of most people’s everyday life. It makes memories, provides the motivation for many workouts, and works as the backdrop for much of our lives.

But finding a set of earbuds that produce great sound, stay in your ears even during the most strenuous workouts, and don’t have wires that get tangled up is hard to find.

hGroov, the world’s first smart wireless charging earbuds, solves all of these problems.

hgroov wireless earbuds

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hGroov Smart Wireless Charging Earbuds

hGroov wireless earbuds solve the problem most people have with headphones, even those without troublesome wires.

The hGroov effortlessly connects to all of your Bluetooth-compatible devices with a 360° range and a line of sight of 10 meters.

Searching for just the right angle, struggling to make them connect at a distance, or losing connection mid-jam is a thing of the past. As far as connectivity goes – these things are durable.

The earbuds can be used for listening to music, making and answering phone calls, and for voice assistant programs like Siri and Alexa.

hGroovs come with three sets of gel buds in different sizes, so that you get a secure and comfortable fit in your ears no matter your unique preferences.

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Because they are sweat and dustproof, they will not slip out when you’re exercising or completing work outside.

Also, don’t worry about extra weight, as the hGroovs only weigh 6 grams. Because of their light design, there are no buttons to hunt for when you’re in the middle of a vigorous run; the built-in interface allows you to control everything with just a gentle touch.

hGroov Case

The case that holds the hGroovs is just as cool as the earbuds themselves. It not only holds and protects the buds, but also charges them wirelessly.

When you first want to charge your hGroovs, place them in the case and then place the case on the charging mat (which can also charge other compatible devices too!).

Then once fully charged, while you are out living your life, you have up to 21 hours of uninterrupted, high definition sound. (If you’re really running low on battery, a 20-minute charge gets you a full hour of music).

If you need to charge your hGroov and you are not near your charging mat, it also comes with a micro USB port, so you can charge it at any time.

You also don’t have to worry about looking for your earbuds in your bag, as the case has a magnetic closure to keep them safe and secure. hGroov’s are wear-resistant, anti-fall, anti-fingerprint as well as waterproof (even after intense spraying).

You can even wash your hGroovs after an intense workout. Think of them as simple, efficient, and all but indestructible.

Oh, and guess what? They cost about half the price of any higher end earbuds out there.

Ranging from $66 to $99, even if you’re on a budget, they’re a life-long investment you can rely on throughout your rigorous or maybe just reckless routine. That’s their job!

hGroov Pros and Cons

There aren’t many cons to be found in the hGroov earbuds. They accomplish an impressive amount of tasks for being so small, they actually stay in your ears, and the price isn’t even bad, especially considering how expensive some earbuds and headphones can be.

They do look a little bulky in the ear from what is shown on their Kickstarter page, however.

hgroov earbuds

They appear boxy and could possibly interfere with anyone who has multiple piercings. That said, it’s a detail worth overlooking should you be willing to adjust your decorative jewelry.

A con which may sway your decision is a small branding mistake. The hGroov system is not entirely wireless.

You still have to charge the case on the charging base that plugs into the wall, or use the micro USB to charge it. While this is the norm for headphones, their name may be misleading.

They are able to charge wirelessly – but still need to be placed on a charging pad.

Past, Present, and Beyond

Now you must be wondering who created such an amazing new product. The answer is Hakii.

Hakii is the design and programming team specializing in 3C product and is responsible for creating hGroovs.


They started off sketching the exact look they wanted for the earbuds and then created 3D prints. They then moved on to a prototype. After main trials, they are finally complete.

They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund further production and to help them continue bringing you unique and innovative products.

The hGroovs have already been seen on Gizmodo, Techable, Cheers, News Picks, Gadgetsin, Geeky Gadgets, and Tech Launched.

These earbuds are set to have their first trial production in November 2017, with mass production and shipping occurring in March 2018. Go get your pair and fund their campaign at the same time!

Will you be trying the hGroov Smart Wireless Earbuds?

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