Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System Review

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The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System is great for beginner or advanced cooks who want to take their recipes to the next level.

With the help of smart technology and the Hestan Cue app, it will be hard to ruin any recipes on this smart burner.

While it might rack up quite a bill, Hestan Cue has upcoming features and accessories to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

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With today’s busy schedules, we’re always looking for new ways to make life easier, and smart technology is paving the way to help us lead healthier, better lives.

Smart kitchen innovations have been leading the past decade, from coffee brewing systems that can make anywhere from one cup to a full pot, to refrigerators that can talk to your smart phone, and now to smart cooking systems.

Smart cooking systems like the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System can allow even amateur chefs to cook real meals in less time, instead of relying on microwave rice packets.

hestan cue

Even experienced chefs can relax and let the smart systems do the work to help them balance a hectic work day and time spent with the family, instead of slaving over the stove.

Today, we’re going to do a Hestan Cue review, and see what their newest system has in store for us.

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System: The Details

The Hestan Cue set includes an 11” smart frying pan, a smart induction burner, and complete access to the Hestan Cue recipe app.


  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 11 x 4 inches
  • Product Weight: 8 lbs
  • Batteries: 1 AAA (included)

How Does it Work?

Hestan Cue is bringing you new innovations by making a complete system that can talk to your smart phone.

Once you set up the recipe app on your phone, the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System communicates via Bluetooth to control time and temperature.

Once you pick a recipe, the app will guide you through how to make it with step-by-step videos and detailed instructions.

As you cook, the system automatically adjusts the cooking temperature so that you get remarkable results every time—no matter your cooking skills.

hestan cue smart cooking system

The Brand

Hestan Cue began in Napa Valley under founder Stanley Cheng, who pioneered hard-anodized steel cookware back in the 1970’s.

The company boasts a company ‘built upon a shared love of food and innovation’ with a team that includes Michelin-starred restaurant chefs who work alongside designers and software developers.

The Hestan Smart Cooking brand acts alongside their commercial, outdoor, and cookware brands.

They also have a liberal return policy—if you don’t love it, you have 101 days to return it for a full refund. They will also replace any defective parts during this 101 days.

Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System Review

The Positives

The App

The Hestan Cue app has over 100 recipes, all made by professional chefs. Recipes include everything from main dishes, to sides, to sauces and gravy.

They cover a variety of cultural influences like Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and Italian, to make sure you have a good variety to choose from.

There are also many with different cooking times, so whether you’re looking for something quick, or a more casual weekend dinner, you have the options.

The recipes are easy to follow and the Hestan Cue system will adjust the temperature automatically for you, to ensure that your food is cooked properly every time.

It may even adjust temperatures on the fly, based on how your food is cooking.

Here’s a video showing how to cook scallops with the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System.



Easy Setup

Those who are afraid of the kitchen or technology need not worry. Simply follow a few easy instructions, and you’ll be ready to cook through your smart device.

The system responds to touch to turn on, and when you’re finished with it, it stores easily.

No intimidation here.

Rapid, Safe Heating

The smart cooking system heats really quickly, which allows you to get dinner from pan to table in less time.

Because it’s an induction heat system, the cook top itself doesn’t get hot, only the pan. This kind of system only works with stainless steel pans.

Once you remove the pan, the heating stops, which should help prevent any accidental burns.

This is a great feature for us clumsy folks, or for those who have wandering children. Not only is it super convenient for those who may forget to turn their stove off, but a great safety feature as well.

Temperature Control

Aside from letting the app control your temperature while following one of the pre-loaded recipes, you can also cook on your own.

You control the temperature manually from the app when not following a recipe, and it is even more precise than a traditional stove top or gas burner.

hestan cue

Future Options

Even though this is a relatively new system, Hestan Cue is already promising to build off of it.

Aside from a constantly growing list of recipes, they are going to be releasing a Chef’s Pot.

Although sold separately, once this becomes available, it will expand the options accessible for your cooking experiences.

Precise, Delicious Meals

Because of the smart controls, you can get your meals cooked perfectly every time.

No more use of meat thermometers or guesswork. You can recreate meals over and over, with the same results.

It’s a good starter for new chefs, or even experienced ones, as the videos teach you new cooking techniques while the pan ensures that it’s all cooked correctly.

Get ready to show off to even the best of cooks.

Trial Period  

The thought of investing hundreds of dollars in new technology might leave people a little hesitant.

Fortunately, Hestan Cue has included a 101 day trial period where you won’t have to commit to something you really won’t use, or aren’t totally satisfied with.

101 days is a lot of cooking time and a lot of recipes to try to see if this Smart Cooking System is the right fit for your kitchen.

And if it isn’t, simply contact Hestan Cue for a refund. Easy-peasy.


Along with the long trial period, Hestan Cue has also included a one-year warranty with the purchase of their Smart Cooking System.

Should you find an issue with your system, whether it be craftsmanship errors or material defects, simply contact the company and they will take it from there.

Keep in mind you should handle your Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System with care, as any damages caused by the owner is not covered under warranty.


You won’t be dealing with a massive frying pan and induction burner, neither will you be dealing with something that’s too small to really cook anything.

The Hestan Cue smart fry pan comes in at 11″ which is a great size for tackling a variety of recipes.

It’s enough space to hold steaks, fish, a couple sandwiches, and pasta so you won’t have to split up your portions too much before cooking.

Though if you’re planning on cooking a Christmas or Thanksgiving spread with this pan, you’ll need another burner or two.

smart induction burner

The Negatives


If you do not have a smart device running iOS or Android that connects with an active WiFi and Bluetooth LE enabled, you will not be able to link up to the Hestan Cue system.

For the Mac systems, you must be running iOS 10 or higher. For Android, you must be running KitKat and up (which is Android 4.4 and higher).

Any devices that are not Bluetooth LE compatible will not be able to use the app.

Limited Pan Options

Because of the induction top, you can only use Hestan Cue pans.

Other pans will not connect to the Bluetooth system, so you can only use it manually, not in recipe mode.


Because of all of the technology in the Hestan Cue, it has some pretty precise cleaning requirements. After every cooking session, it must be cleaned.

It cannot be submerged in water, and never run through the dishwasher. It must be hand-washed with warm water, a mild dish soap, and a non-scratch scrub sponge.

Although it cleans off rather easily, some people may find this method of cleaning inconvenient. Especially if you’re short on time.


The Hestan Cue smart system is a new innovation, and because of that, it is a bit pricey.

However, it can replace some other high-end cookware, and because of its ease of use, many of our testers found it very much worth the price.


Because the videos and recipes assume that you’re ready to go when you get started, you have to make sure that all of your chopping and measuring is done in advance.

Otherwise, you may not be able to add ingredients in time.

A little bit of preparation will make the meal run efficiently, but it’s a bit of a surprise for those not used to being ready to go.

hestan cue smart cooking system

Counter Space

Because it is a plugged-in induction heating system, many with little counter space may find that it simply takes up too much room in the kitchen.

Although, for apartment living where a stove may not be a viable option, this is a good alternative. It all depends on your needs.


The frying pan is very heavy, and solid.

This may be an issue for people with weakness in their hands or wrists.

Overall Verdict

Whether you’re looking to save time and energy while cooking, or looking for a perfect gift, the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System is a good bet.

Although it is heavy and can take up a lot of counter space, it makes cooking easy and fun through its interactive app, and it is a very reliable piece of technology.

The liberal return policy gives you basically a free trial for 101 days, so if you don’t love it, you can try something else.

When it comes to making your kitchen smarter, this smart frying pan system may be the way to get started.

Try some new recipes to impress your family, or even just use the induction heater to keep food warm during a party or buffet.

Once you get used to the system, the possibilities are endless, especially with future expansions on the cookware coming.

Where to Buy the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System

The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System might be a fairly new product in the world of smart technology, but smart home technology is only growing, making this a product that will only gain momentum in popularity.

For now, it might be a little tricky to find the Hestan Cue in your usual retail stores or online, but you can check out the following online retailers to start.

And it’s also available for purchase on Amazon.

hestan smart cooking system review

That wraps up our review on the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System. Curious to give it a try?

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