GE Lighting C Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture Review

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GE Lighting C Smart Light Fixture Rated
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  • Smart Capabilities
  • Value for Money
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The GE Sol WIFI Smart Light Fixture is a versatile, beautifully designed device, perfect for those looking to add a piece of smart technology to their home.

It’s easy to use and set-up, so technophobes need not worry. It’s super versatile with an array of options, doing much more than you think a smart light would.

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When you’re getting a smart home, lighting is one of the essential aspects to tackle. With GE Lighting C, a Wi-Fi Connected Smart Light Fixture, this is an easy feat.

Boasting of futuristic yet still subtle looks, it makes for a stylish match in any home. This is further topped by the compatibility with Amazon Alexa, granting it access to voice commands and several extra options such as weather forecasts, playing your favorite tunes, and more.

ge lighting review

With all these extras, it’s hard to forget it is intended as a light fixture. Because of this, it doesn’t excel as a radio or other functions that can be used through more specialized devices.

Thanks to regular updates and good customer support, you will find that it still makes for a decent stand-in, and the light-specific functions are no less than impressive.

With its varying set of details, it might be a tough choice to know if this is the smart lighting for you. Luckily, we gathered all the necessary info for you, so read on and find out what smart lighting is really all about.

GE Lighting C Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 3.9 x 15.8 in.
  • Product Weight:75 lbs.
  • Product Type: Smart lighting.
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa?: Yes.
  • Wattage: 25 watts.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor.
  • Warranty: Three-year warranty.

How Does it Work

Smart lighting runs the gamut from extremely intricate to absurdly simple.

The GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture has found the middle road, offering a decent range of extra options without losing sight of their original intent.

The GE Lighting can function in the bedroom, living room, or even in your office without seeming out of place.

The various features make it a multi-functional interior item that’s fun to show off and still useful during daily life. All you need is the correct set-up and you’re good to go; there’s nothing else to it.

Voice Control

Paired up with Google’s Alexa or taking the place of Dot, the GE Lighting can fulfill a surprising number of tasks.

Whether you want an update on the weather or to play some soothing morning tunes, the GE Lighting gladly takes on these tasks.

Controlling the lights with voice control is par for the course, leaving you to lounge about before asking to dim the lights for a romantic evening.

Programmable Schedule

Few things are as bad as suddenly being jolted out of bed by unexpected noises in the morning or the dreaded moment where the curtains are flung open without warning.

With GE Lighting, you can program the lighting to gradually turn up, waking you as if you were enjoying natural morning light.

GE Lighting C by GE Sol WIFI Smart Light Fixture

This can be used at any moment of the day, anticipating your schedule and making life in your smart home a tad more organic.

Multiple Functions

Thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, this smart lighting can take over many functions of other systems.

While it doesn’t excel in all of these, it does make it easier to replace certain items for this more compact lighting.

If you still have a dead spot around the house that could use some ‘smartening up,’ this will prove a very convenient feature.


For us personally, the programmable timer was the biggest pro and it can be used both as a wake-up light and, if you’re feeling creative, as a kitchen timer.

Or you can use it to mimic your natural schedule and allow the light to ebb and flow to your preference.

Since it can function as a stand-in for your other smart appliances, it’s also a good choice to liven up spots in your home that aren’t made smart yet.

Five Hues

With five different white hues, you’ll be prepared for any situation.

From dim lighting for mornings or late evening, and bright lights for moments when you need that extra light boost, you can easily switch settings at the drop of a hat.

This can be paired with adjusted intensity, leaving you with a completely customizable light experience.

GE Lighting: The Brand

GE Lighting knows their work couldn’t be possible without the efforts of other great minds.

Honoring both Edison for the invention of the first light bulb and the hard work of many who made modern life possible (smart lighting is no simple feat, after all) their site shows their company values.

They’re asking light to do more for you, and it’s working. By putting their effort into customer support, and providing information on how to improve your daily life, they show their heart is in the right place.

By providing regular upgrades to their GE Lighting C, and investing in good customer care, they stay true to their roots.

We expect more updates and even better smart lights in the future from this company, so be sure to keep an eye out for more.

GE Smart Light

GE Lighting C Wifi Connected Smart Light Fixture Review

The Positives

Looks the Part

Part of the charm of upgrading your home is that it looks like a real smart home.

With its unique design, the GE Lighting could be part of a movie set. And since it combines looks with functionality, you won’t lose out when completely committing to your aesthetics.

With the current office design trends, this is the best smart lighting to add to your workspace and still look the part.

It has a clean, modern design, and plays well with a variety of decor and styles. It’s also compact enough to sit on your desk or bedside table without taking up too much space.

And since it weighs in at just under three pounds, it won’t be a hassle to move around should you prefer it in different locations throughout the day or week.

Wonderful Customer Service

Getting a good product is one thing, but having good support can often make or break our impression of that product.

Firstly, the GE Smart Light comes with a 3-year limited warranty to protect against damages or faults in the smart light’s manufacturing.

Should you find an error, you’ll simply need to contact GE’s customer service department and they’ll decide whether they need to repair or replace your smart light.

What’s great is that GE’s customer service is frequently praised for being helpful, efficient and friendly.

Whether you can’t connect your smart light to the local Wi-Fi, you need help with returning the product or need more information about particular settings, GE Lighting has a well-informed customer service.

Easy to Set Up

While the C Smart Light Fixture might look intimidatingly futuristic, it’s actually quite simple to setup, so those who aren’t exactly great with technology, need not worry.

Just follow the easy-to-understand instructions that come along with the app and you’ll be up and running in no time!

GE Lighting C by GE Sol WIFI Smart Light Fixture

And when linking your new smart light to your Alexa, things will be just as smooth.

Let’s face it, no one wants to fumble around for hours trying to get their new device to work; and with the GE Smart Light, you won’t have to.

Frequent Updates

When you buy a smart device, you want it to stay up to date with the constantly changing technology in this world. Thanks to frequent updates, your smart lighting stays compatible with Alexa.

These updates might not be necessary to keep the lights functioning, but if you’re going for smart technology, it only makes sense you want to keep using all the features.


While the C by GE Sol Light Fixture performs best as a smart light, those looking for a smart device that does more will be happy with the extra features that come with this product.

Whether you use this to catch up on the day’s weather, or as a more effective (and less annoying) alarm clock, you’ll be getting more out of this smart light than others on the market.

The Negatives

Slower Than Echo/Dots

While both compatible with and capable of replacing both Echo and Dots in your home, there is a noticeable delay in receiving commands usually reserved for either of these two.

best smart lighting

This is understandable since it is supposed to be a light first, but it’s not ideal.

This is a point that can be improved on in the future, and something we look forward to.

Mediocre Audio

In the same spirit as the previous point, audio is not one of the main design aspects of smart lighting.

While it doesn’t suffer from static or other major deficiencies, the sound will never achieve a wow-effect with you or your guests.

The GE Lighting can do well when placed in a room where there was no previous smart sound system, but it’s no replacement for an actual sound system or speaker set.

Here’s a video showing the GE Smart Light out of the box and in action.

Overall Verdict

The GE Lighting C is a futuristic-looking and dependable smart light, matching most interiors easily while performing a variety of functions.

While a good choice for anyone looking for a smart light, it likely won’t do the trick for people who want a more multi-functional addition to their smart home.

The GE Lighting C Smart Light Fixture is suitable for any home that wants more organic and intuitive lighting, and thanks to the great support, it is unlikely to disappoint.

Where to Buy the GE Lighting C Smart Light Fixture

General Electric (GE) is not an unknown brand by any means. Their product line is vast with items from dishwashers, to kitchen appliances and the brand, in general, has been around for decades.

GE manages to maintain their popularity as one of the better-known names in the market by keeping up with our ever-changing technological world. The GE Lighting C Smart Light Fixture is only one example.

Over the decades, General Electric has become a trusted brand, with products like the Lighting C Smart Light sitting on the shelves of department, tech, and home appliance stores both in-store and online.

To kick-start your search, you can check out the following online retailers.

But of course, you can also find this smart light on Amazon.

GE Smart Light

That’s it for our GE Smart Light review. Are you tempted to give it a try?

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