FITT360: The First 360° Neckband Wearable Camera

The FITT360 camera is a new technology unlike any other, a video camera similar to that of a GoPro but with a major twist: It records in 360 degrees!

Made and assembled in Seoul, South Korea, it claims it will revolutionize the camera industry with its simple and compact design.

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Features include live streaming to assist in sharing your point of view and having it spread around the world from social media, Life Logging technology which allows tracking and mapping of videos recorded, as well as the ability to make your own personal street views!

It also features instant filming as one of its core values, allowing the wearer to simply click the button to turn it on, rather than click and hold like on other Bluetooth devices.

This amazing camera also functions as a Bluetooth headset, allowing you to listen to music and answer calls whenever you’re not recording.

Fitt360 Design Plan

Overall, the design plan was to make the FITT360 easy to use. With it, you can turn recording on and off on the device itself without having to connect it to a mobile application, something which most cameras like this don’t offer.

It’s able to connect to USB ports, has a GPS, and is shock-proof. With the addition of Life Logging technology, you can keep track of where you go and the paths you create, so it’s almost impossible to get lost while using it.

Alternatively, you may so choose to use the Bluetooth headset feature, converting the camera into a pair of Bluetooth earbuds with a microphone to answer calls or listen to your favorite music.

How the Fitt360 Works

The camera is worn around your neck and features three HD cameras. You will drape it around your neck and press record.

The three full HD cameras will then begin filming the area around you for a full 90 minutes, all while sending a live feed to your phone via the FITT360 app.

This companion app will compensate and normalize the exposures for all of the cameras, as well as automatically stitch the three feeds together to make the process easier for the user.

Then when you’re done, you can simply plug in a VR headset and watch the video as though you were actually a part of it, as well as upload the video on SNS to share it with friends!

As for turning it on, it’s easier than most similar headpieces. Rather than clicking the button and holding, you simply need to click once and it will turn on.


The Fitt360 Design Information

The FITT360 is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your neck. The designer saw the neck as the most stationary part of the body to place a wearable device.

He also thought the eye level of cameras such as the GoPro would break immersion and make for a worse viewing experience overall.


The designer also wanted the FITT360 to be extremely powerful, while also being light and easy to use without any of the excessive bulk.

Using all the available length and width within the device, the team primarily focused on giving the thinnest lithium battery they could while also pushing for the maximum performance possible.

What It Is Made Of

They are primarily made of PC/ABS and metal, with a lithium battery supporting 2400mAh and lasting an hour and a half at full power.

It also comes with a mobile charger and takes 100 minutes to reach full power. It is equipped with a useful microphone for recording your voice alongside your images and video.

It has a 128GB SD card inserted into the device which can record for up to nine hours and offers mp4 video formatting as well as image formatting in .jpeg and .jpg forms.



There are accessories for the FITT360, which are currently in development and will be opened on the website near delivery, around August 2018. They will include a selfie stick, headphones, a waterproof case, and a pouch.

It is designed to be heatproof, pulling heat away from the neck to ensure maximum comfort. It is also water resistant with the ability to withstand most environmental water hazards to endure your needs.

It comes in three sizes – small, medium and large – and will be determined by the order you place.

Fitt360 Developmental Stage

The FITT360 has been in development for over four years and is currently in the final stages of production. It will be closing donations on February 22nd of this year.

It has been developing the concept with Samsung since mid-2014, and by 2015, began developing prototypes, after which it was unveiled at San Diego ComiCon 2016 to great reviews.

Then came the initial circuit design and camera design until the start of the Kickstarter campaign. The FITT360 plans on releasing and delivering worldwide by mid to late October 2018.

So tell us, would you give the FITT360 a try?

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