Entire Nest Network Sent Offline For 3 Hours

People were unable to access the Nest app and web browsers for a few hours over night last week, according to live updates on the Nest Support Twitter feed.

The devices remained operational but owners were unable to control them remotely using their internet connection.

The Nest line up includes locks, alarms, security cameras, doorbells, thermostats, smoke detectors and other devices designed to protect your home environment.

Thankfully, physical overrides had been built into the smart home devices so there were no emergency situations, like owners being locked out of their homes, but this outage demonstrates the risk of placing our home security in the hands of ‘smart’ systems.

Plus, if this type of event becomes more common, consumers will start questioning the value of paying extra for a smart home device when they are forced to operate it like a normal piece of homeware, instead of something with smart technology.

Nest first started tweeting about the problem at 8.30pm ET on 16 May, when it was believed that only Nest Secure and Nest X Yale Lock customers were affected.

They were immediately contacted by other Nest customers that the app was refusing to load, so updated their tweet in the next 11 minutes:

By 9.39pm ET, they updated again that the issue was mostly resolved, with the Nest app at least able to load on Apple and Android devices, as well as via the web browser.

At this point, they were still working to bring all the devices back online.

Finally, at 11.28pm ET, they announced that the issue was fully resolved with the app responsive and devices back online.

Before we all start jumping on the ‘Blame Nest’ bandwagon, it would do well for us to remember that incidents like this do happen, and will continue to happen in future across different brands and products. Smart home devices, and internet connections in particular, are not infallible.

What is important is that manufacturers recognize their imperfections and continue to build in physical overrides on their products. Only this way can consumers be sure that power truly lies in their hands.

Were you affected by the Nest outage?


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