Dancing Robot, Programmable ‘Tattoos’ + 180° Security Cam

Every week, we pick out some cool new projects we’ve spotted on Kickstarter.

Here’s what we think has got legs this week…

Snap Pro: 180° Indoor/Outdoor Smart Security Camera

180° security camera

Smart security cameras are a very exciting segment of the smart home device market and the Snap Pro is the latest product to catch our eye.

Unlike most smart cameras, this one requires no wires and is super simple to set up — allegedly it takes less time than to microwave a bag of popcorn.

Now that’s a challenge.

Plus, it’s available to reach a huge coverage area of 180° — far superior to the usual 120-140° offered by other smart security cams on the market. That means less blind spots and greater security for your home.

It’s small size — around the size of a deck of cards — makes the Snap Pro unobtrusive and suitable to be placed more or less anywhere. It can work inside and outside, and has a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

LogicInk: Programmable Tattoos That Inform

Wearables are the next big thing in the smart industry, but what about a temporary tattoo that can visually transform in order to give you information about your body and your environment?

LogicInk by Carlos Olguin is aiming to do just that.

The tattoo — don’t worry, it’s temporary — analyzes data gleaned from your sweat, ski volatiles, microbiomes and surrounding environment to provide live feedback.

The first LogicInk on offer measures your UV exposure — both live at the moment and cumulatively over the course of the day, factoring in whether or not you’re wearing sunscreen.

wearable tattoos

The outer circle turns fully pink when it judges you’ve received enough UV exposure for the day (based on WHO data for sensitive ski) while the inner circle modulates from light to dark depending on your current level of exposure.

The team are currently working on tattoos to measure pollution levels, alcohol consumption, skin microbiome metabolites and more.

Dancebot: Smart Dancing Robot Speaker

dancing robot

And now for something a little lighter — Dancebot, the world’s first smart robot speaker that dances to the sounds it plays.

That’s right, whatever you decide to play through Dancebot, whether music, podcasts or even voice messages, this little guy is getting in the rhythm.

Powered by an intelligent algorithm, Dancebot will translate the audio into expressive movements that make him the ultimate smart dancing audio companion.

Who knew you needed one of those.

You can even play audiobooks through him and he’ll jive along — perfect for keeping younger kids engaged and having fun!


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